Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ode to Gamescape

With a long weekend ahead I decided to indulge my more nerdy fancies and headed to Gamescape, last Friday. Approaching the store along the El Camino, much to my horror and shock, I spied a sign indicating the eventual closing of the store. I sat sickened waiting for the u turn light to burn green once again, this seemed hours of vile wait. I had to get parked immediately and debunk this terrible lie. Finally seemingly hours later I was parked and walking toward the door. It was open at least, I had not missed them entirely. Things did not seem awry but after time it was confirmed, and my heart sunk. A 20% off closing sale hardly made up for the worst atrocity since the closing of Frontier Village.

To address the issue with better clarity I must say Gamescape is my first string store, my plan A, my go to shop. It inherited this mantle after the closing of Griffin Computer, had set me adrift. Prior it had been a seldom made pilgrimage to check the used stock. Griffin had the prices and selection in those days, so I was staunch and loyal. Griffin was something of a successor to the Game Table, and was around when I realized D&J sucked. Gamescape has always been a bit of a drive, and Griffin had my back. One day Griffin sort of imploded, it was then I threw my lot in with Gamescape and I haven't looked back. It was easier after moving to Cupertino and so it went for many years. Their move from California to Elcamino only minor issue. A recent change of work and a few visits to Game Castle are causing me some guilt, perhaps this wouldn't have been so.

Now I am left storeless once again, and am weighing options. D&J oh useless of stores, you have no right to even be considered. Only two lights burn true these days, Game Kastle and Paradox play ground. Game Kastle at present is the more solid of stores from a product perspective. They have a very good selection of RPG's with a strong base of board games. Paradox has them beat on minis, and seems like it has room for potentially becoming a sound store. A few friends have adopted Paradox which gives me some bias, but not enough to side. Paradox is closer and easier to get to which I like. Really I would like to see the stores join forces, then I at least wouldn't have a decision. I guess I will bid my time see what comes, storeless once more.