Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Piece of Mind the Pumpkin

Iron Maiden Pumpkin
Well Happy Halloween everybody.  Here are a couple of pictures of my pumpkin for this year.  Based off my favorite Iron Maiden Record piece of mind.

Two and a half hours of work put in on this one.  It probably doesn't seem like it should have taken that long, but pumpkin is a new medium.  I Carved out using Exacto knife and a cheap set of sculpture tools I picked up at Michael.

It is really hard to do that thing where you get the light to shine through a pumpkin without fully cutting it.  I scraped and scraped with the loop tool and still only got a bit of a faint pink that would come through.  I hope the folks over at ATAC like it and my wife wins the contest with it.  I am proud of it at least.  It wasn't a template all free hand.

Well thanks for looking hope you like my tribute to Maiden.

Piece of Mind Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 119

After all the Christmas party and new years was done, even Krampus grew tired of the Christmastide fun.  In January there was one more night that Krampus had to attend.  On Burn's night the Scot's marked the season at it's in.  Krampus Scottish host was Sasquatch out in the woods.  Bigfoot served haggis which Krampus was sure wasn't good. Compared to haggis even Lutefisk tasted sweet.  It seemed losing a dare the only reason to eat.  Few knew the Bigfoot was actually a Scot you would know by his accent if ever he was caught.  Sasquatch was gracious inviting Krampus into his home.  During the serving Bigfoot even recited a poem.  Then a speech and several many toasts.  Krampus brought a few drams of scotch for his seldom seen host.

Our beast sighed sad with a toast to the lasses.  There were none and how Krampus hoped to pinch them on the asses.  Not since sausage in October was such a fest, but for a friend he made the best.  Krampus thanked Bigfoot and headed off for his cave, He still missed the dog house but it was a price he had paid.  And no more nights with lovely Ms. Deroon but worst of all was not to see Idunn. 

The fire covered his tracks and in the confusion Idunn was spared.  Maybe this was redemption for the monster; if so he wouldn't care.  The blaze burned down the neighbor house, forcing me to move down south.  Oh didn't you know I was the neighbor and Krampus lived in my yard.  He wasn't a bad boarder living with him wasn’t too hard. Did Krampus go with us; no he found a place in the hills.  If you see him let me know, he hasn't paid all his bills.

Deroon, I heard she was married and had a kid, if it has horns they are well hid. The monster doesn't visit at least that I know.  But it’s hard for a monster to come and go.  Idunn? I think she still lives with her parent on that street, hoping to see Krampus again, sometimes leaving out meat.  Maybe she would see him streak across the yard, she thought she saw him once but in the dark seeing is hard.  She is a good girl, but Krampus wouldn't visit even if she was bad.  A monster losing a friend is very sad.

Krampus well he is still Krampus so be warned if you are bad, if he doesn't visit you should be glad.  He stalks the local playgrounds and shopping mall, preying on children at the end of fall.  This year Christmas will come with a curse, Krampus is coming, my final verse.

Game Review: Creature Castle

Creature Castle was a game I had as a kid.  It was a purchase from Pic n' Save over in Milpitas, Ca.  Pic n' Save was weird as it had loads of junk and the occasional gem hidden in its midst.  To me Creature Castle seemed like a fun junk, but in researching it it was more of a gem than i realized.  Whitman games were a rarity at the time and are sort of collectible now.  At the time of purchase there were a few of these games but I only got Creature Castle.  I liked the Halloween theme.

The game itself is actually a remake of an earlier Dark Shadows game, but plays a bit like candy-land.  Pretty simple matching of cards and moving around the board in what is essentially a race.  Being an only child I didn't get a chance to play this very often but what little I did it quickly became apparent that some of the short cuts on the board were traps rather than helpful and only a few really helped you win.

The board itself looks cool as does all of the art work.  The thing is its a big paper poster.  This makes it flimsy.  The card stock used in the playing cards is also cheap leading to easy damage.  The tokens were simple but never had any real problems. 

All in all it was an OK game.  I sort of wish I had it now to play with my daughter as it was more interesting than other games with the nice haunted house artwork.  I think it would be fun this time of year especially

Monday, October 29, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: part 118

Leaning from the sidecar Santa bashed mailboxes swinging a bat.  Krampus laughed and revved the motor making the fat man lose his hat.  The pair sailed down streets laughing and harassing kids and parents too.  You'd be horrified to see what they did at the zoo.  Parents were shocked when Santa flashed them the bird.  Who knew even Santa had heard it's the word.

Krampus bared his hairy rump; Saint Nick offered a Christmasy fist bump.  Elves looked on without a care, the last traces of Christmas jingling from the air.  It was the day afterword and the deed was done.  Now it was time for Santa and Krampus to have a little fun.The eleven more days and Boxing Day would have to wait.  The monster and Kringle didn't much care if they were late.

Krampus was a little evasive on the topic of his home and Santa didn't let on if he had known.  The monster began to relax and feeling Idunn had got off free.  It wasn't the same for him but it was a trade the monster made with glee.  He wouldn't hurt a hair on the girls head.  Krampus would happily live in exile instead.  All his work paid off the crimes washed clean.  If the elves though the monster merciful he would be a has been.

If The monster checked in on her he was always discreet.  Idunn never talked about monsters that lived on her street.  She seemed to know it was best to say none, even if she missed the monster and his Christmas fun.  But I like to think when she grew up she would warn her kids to keep a wary eye.  Always looking for a monster on a motorcycle that doesn't fly.

Game Review: Carcassonne

Another game we tried out last game session was Carcassonne.  While normally I only like to review things that I like and remain quiet when I don't have positive things to say, I am going to do a review.  I think Carcassonne was lame.  It worked as a diversion and was fun enough for six players.  It just seemed sort of random and goofy.  We were playing out of the Big Box of Carcassonne but were only playing with the basic game, and a couple of expansion tiles that worked their way into the game.  Maybe the expansions add something that would have helped the game.

The basic game seemed to be about laying tiles to create a little vale of cities and roads.  We each took turns laying a peace.  Once you have done that you can place a meaple on the tile and claim some aspect.  These would be a city, road or pasture for the most part.  I actually am a big fan of games that build out the board like that, though usually they are haunted house type games in my case.  Here I don't know i really couldn't see what i was doing half the time.  When I did I started building a giant city which was probably unwise as It generated no more points than several smaller cities which would have been less risky.

I think the thing that tanked the game for me was this scoring.  It just didn't seem to reward risk other than in the case of the pasture.  That really wasn't much risk as in our game the one person who placed a meaple early was viewed as owning the pasture and no one really tried to challenge.  Apparently there are ways of placing tiles to screw people  but in our big six person game everyone focused on their own plans for the most part.  There were a couple of places were people horned in on cities but that worked out being sort of stupid looking back.  It would have been better to just build their own cities without risk as the bigger cites the were created were of no more points.  The cathedrals were another point that seemed out of wack.  They generated a point for every bordering  tile which was a huge generator of points.  One guy got four of them and won the game while paying attention to the internet and not the game.

All in all it seems like the game was too simple or need better scoring that factored in risk.  Maybe this would be fixed with the expansions, I am curious what the pig does.  For my game dollar I think there are better investments, so I am going negative on Carcassonne.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 117

Krampus smiling as flames destroyed the neighbor’s house. Running off he grabbed a lady tearing open her blouse.  He left with a swat on her ass, her hen pecked husband just cowered as she gasped.  When Krampus ran off some tried to give chase, they were fast but couldn't keep pace.  The monster hoped fenced and yards.  Keeping up was very hard.

Some of the bravest tried to repel the attack, but the mighty Krampus lashed and they recoiled back.  Limbs broken the monster laughed without mercy, right there in the street were anyone could see.  Cover and subtly cast aside, Krampus loose all his fury deep from inside. Windows were broken this would be Krampus's great art.  Clean up would take forever no matter how soon they start.  Working weekends with brooms and rakes.  Krampus stormed off shouting "Enjoy your Christmas cakes!"

The town burning Krampus watched from afar, this was carnage beyond pare.  Santa would admonish and rein the beast in; but wouldn't know it was all to save a friend.  Krampus glazed into the flames with growing pride.  Idunn was safe even if he needed a new place to hide.  Krampus would miss the neighbor well at least his dog.  Also the warm little house, now he may have to sleep in a bog. He didn't lose much in the blaze, he had a storage locker they gave him a free thirty days.  Luckily a monster doesn't look odd compared to their regular customers.  Half of them already have horns and dress in assorted furs.

Our monster found a caved in and abandoned old mine.  Full of rats and spiders for Krampus it was just fine.  Nobody explored the caves afraid of the poison, deadly to people but to Krampus the effects were none.

Game Review: Dominion

One of the games we tried out last night was Dominion.  I have to say I really like that game.  It has a couple of features that really speed up the game play and work pretty slickly.  Let me get a couple of points out of the way first.  We were playing with six and using only the core rules.  There are several expansions and even with the core box there are more type of cards than you have in play at any given time.  This works out so you can play with several different configurations of cards and have a different game with each configuration.

The game basically is like a card draft.  you are playing to purchase available cards from several decks.  As you purchase cards they are added to your discard pile.  once you have gone through your deck you shuffle your discard and it again becomes your deck.  So your purchased cards are now available for play at this point.  The thing here is you need to purchase victory cards as well which do little to nothing for actual game play.  It is not until end game that they have any use.  End game comes when three stacks of cards have been depleted or the stack of highest value victory cards has been depleted.

Once you are going your have two basic actions.  Play an action card which will always be one of the purchased cards from a past round.  Secondly you can purchase a new card.  There are cards that add more actions, allow you to make more purchases, give you card draws and more specific actions.  The cool part about this is you are always holding a hand of cards so players are allowed to look at their cards and figure out what they are going to do while other people are acting.  This allows for very fast play once the game is going.  Or very slow!  I saw someone build a deck that focused on actions and drawing cards, which caused his turn to be a bit long.

I am pretty enthusiastic for the game, but I don't think I have ever won.  This is a problem with six players and my style.  If you are doing six players you really need to extend the end game conditions.  The game goes very fast otherwise.  My style is to see combinations that work but over a long term.  I go after the cards i need and get many of them.  I think I would be better served to only get a few cards of any given type and then focus on actions and card draws to speed up how my evil plan completes.

One sort of bad thing I noticed is a few negative cards can drive the game.  This happened with the thief card.  I basically decided to play without coins because of this.  There is a card out of the intrigue set that similarly dictated play. Perhaps because I was playing with eight in my deck.  Another bad point is you can drop a load of cash on the game as there are tons of expansions.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Honesty an undone fragment

The terms of this change confounds me.  Leaving all I care about thrown out in the dark.  Even that I could contend but it rains and wilds are ruinous.  This is no weather for lawn furniture let alone the soft unsaid things made of gossamer that bind a family together. I wont speak of rubs or wild questions bound up in being.  I only want this dream to last a little longer.  To be passed down.

There i well up in the damage that's already done.  And I find in myself need of you,

I can't do this one at the moment at work is no place for tears and i can't hold them back.  I can't pass on the family I had to Keri without all of you my Family.

Krampus for Christmas Part 116

The night of Christmas went off without a hitch.  Krampus took pity on a couple of tots and left them crying in a ditch.  Except for that small glimmer of remorse the monster was the fury of the north.  The beast kicked in doors and stormed of with children.  There was no city that kids were safe in.  Santa commended Krampus at the end of the night.  This year he really had sewn some fright.  With the work finished Krampus finally headed home, a solitary monster now not so happy to be alone.  He would be happy to again see Idunn, but not now or morning he'd sleep until noon. She would have presents and parents make such a fuss, maybe he could see her late after dusk.

With a buzz the radio told him of a change of plans, another for the naughty list, more work at hand.  He was tired and groaned at the call. The elves assured it was near his home and the child small.  Krampus already full rocked his stomach to make some room. He was glad the night would be over soon.  When he arrived at the address something stuck in his throat. This was Idunn's house he checked and rechecked the note.  Did he write the numbers bad, this can't be right he was mad!  Then the monster thought of her little hand turning the rack and worried crept up his back. Was he to blame for her downward turn, the notion hurt like a burn.

This wasn't right Krampus cried, searching the sky for a sleigh that flied.  You don't make a friend and then chew her up; Krampus tears could have filled a cup.  He roared and moaned but also thought, and a glimmer of an idea must have been caught. Krampus wasn't crafty but simple and direct, and this plan was something he needed to be correct.  No kicking in the door no menacing roar; this had to be sly as the fat man breaking into your house, cold as a cat playing with a mouse.

There was evidence that he need gone, there had to be no trace at the end of this con.  He didn't know what the neighbor had seen but the monster needed to get away clean. Maybe a fire the big beast thought, He could say he wanted the girl flame broiled if he was caught.  Krampus could burn out the neighbor and say wrong address, and then maybe Idunn would be out of this mess.  He wouldn't eat her, this much he knew, but still he worried what would he do?

Krampus smashed a bottle of beer and tried to set it alight, being a monster he wasn't aware it needed more alcohol to ignite.  With work he set the fence on fire roasting nuts on the open flame.  Soon the neighbor’s house spared up blazing much the same.  The beast Laughed loud shouting for all to hear, but secretly hurrying the dog to safety, have no fear.  His cries awoke the street and of course Idunn.  Krampus's monstrous form silhouetted against the moon.  Some gasped in terror some pass out others just wondered what the noise was about.  But soon everyone knew a monster preyed upon the block.  For most it was sort of a shock.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Work Song

I have a four inch window
were bird sometimes fly.
seen in whitewashed moments
bespeckled through the day

It is the outside
calling wholly of wonder.
The longing wide anything
nagging like a sore tooth.

yet it will not be,
not for me today friend.
I hear your call only
to bite against captivity

Don't call on me locust
an ants got to work

Krampus for Christmas part 115

The morning before Christmas eve Krampus worked without reprieve.  He shoved up dog crap with a Christmas filled Delight.  He would toss them down Chimneys later on that night.  A special present for those who made Santa mad, filled with extra tidings joyous and glad. 

Hurry filled the cool air of a day filled with Christmas toil.  Krampus had much to do and still needed to boil the oil.  Knives must be sharpened and claws must be dirty.  The elves would be here sharply at six thirty.  Idunn peaked over the fence while he was entrenched in his tasks.  The monster was busy draining pus into flasks.  Idunn asked but Krampus said she didn't want to know, but said it added a contagious element to the show.  He told her of all his work and said this time she couldn’t help, after all she was a girl not an elf.   She wished Krampus a happy Christmas then went back in where it was warm.  The girl’s parents  still knew nothing of the beast or his horns.

Krampus chewed on a bone then gave it to the dog.  He stretched and limbered, warming up for the kids he would flog.  He did some deep bends then touched his toes; Christmas wasn't a time for cramps when you rained down blows.   It wasn't quit dark when the fat man sleighed through the yard, Ho ho'ing to Krampus the fat tub of lard.  Krampus was a monster and monsters don't use sleighs, instead he drove a motorbike with a side car to make is way.  Santa thought it slow but seeing only bad kids there were fewer stops; not counting the years the economy drops.

With Santa so busy, Krampus worked with an elf on Christmas Eve. This elf wasn't Hermie though he was interested in teeth.  He hoped to pull them from kids and make a wreath.  He never though himself Krampus he wouldn't dare, he just hoped to be a fitting heir.  They called him Piet in his wintry home, few wanted to meet him when alone.  On Christmas he radioed Krampus if there was a change of plans.  They had their own frequency not using citizen bands.  If a house turned bad, or rarely good, Krampus radioed back that he heard and understood

Hobbit Hell Yeah

Ok i have been sort of going through the motions on this one... until now.  I didn't want to be too excited but now I am hella stoked.  For me star wars wasn't my Star War.  Dungeons and Dragons was my Star Wars.  The lord or the ring was a deep love of mine.  I loved the bakshi and rankin bass movies.  I never dressed up as anything from Star Wars, but I did have a nice Frodo costume with the plastic mask and vinyl cape.

Actually with the first set of the movies it was the only thing getting me through my dialysis.  I felt like I was hurting my whole family having to do the treatments and was very depressed.  But it was these new awesome movies that I looked forward too.  I counted down that days back then.  I am not so sure I want to do that this time (51) but now I am totally ready to go.  This spot has me back in it 100%.

Gandalf's fireballs and wargs after the escape from the misty mountains.  Damn I am so there.  Checking for line parties and am sucked in again.  Damn can't fucking wait.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

De Profundis: I have armed myself

My Fellow Gentlemen

I fear Mr. Yeats grows vexed with impatience.  My estate is again watched by the formless souls I have so oft mentioned.   I fear to venture beyond my door until I venture to visit this Crowley.  Which in stating the name sends a cold chill across my countenance.  There is the very real worry that it is this Alistair Crowley who directs my haunting.  Do I walk as a babe into open jaws?  I see that as a very real conclusion to these events.

I have armed myself as a gentleman might.  My well stropped shaving razor concealed in the breast pocket of my day coat.  A heavy brass knobed cane and a bit of lead added to my gloves.  I pray the matter does not devolve into violence.  I am not well versed in pugilism, queens bury or otherwise.

Perhaps I am best armed with study.  I have found some documentation of this Crowley's travels often wide ranging.  He early studies are up to some conjectures but Samuel Liddel Mathers appears to have played a formative part.  I believe the pair has been cut in twain by personal disagreement of late.  Perhaps that allows an avenue for myself to prosper or find some escape from the predicament.

Hope can be held if none else.  I shall summon what courage I have for this meeting with Crowley.

Yours very Truly
J.L. Reichl

Krampus for Christmas: Part 114

Krampus held a few managers in a hole for a few weeks.  It was dark with spiders and long ago started to reek.  The monster whipped them every few nights, those the only moments they saw light. In a meeting they decided no party for the Yule, the reason; the economy had been very cruel.  Wisely giving themselves a raise for all the money they had saved. None thought of spending their own dime.  The workers would understand, they would be fine. They denied a small Christmas thanks, a crime Krampus thought rank.  This wasn't charity it was earned and Krampus's monstrous fury burned.

The Beast rounded up the villains.  Lashing entitled asses until blood was spilling.  One soiled himself for which Krampus took a kidney, mailing it overnight to a dialysis patient in Sydney.  Some nights the monster tied one to the rack, other times he beat one in a sack.  But every night taking time to explain the cause and reason for their pains. Those who worked hard seldom received thanks, all while these scum moved up through the ranks.  Their rise was on others backs; people with skill something all of them lacked.  The beast told Christmas was already earned in the year.  It was already due he shouted in their ears.  Krampus grabbed a fat one by the tie and decked him hard in the eye.

Every now and then Idunn came along, Krampus let her swing the whip but she wasn't very strong.  Even the captives thought it was cute, a nice reprieve from the brute.  She was too little to crank the rack, even to see she had to ride on Krampus back.  The monster worried a little the girl may go bad, boy Santa would be really mad. But he was happy and didn't worry of lists and continued lancing the evil managers like infected cysts.

Krampus always made sure Idunn was safely home, and then returned to his backyard to argue with the dog over a bone.  The worst of his work he saved when the girl was away.  That's when the beast really got to play.  Breaking arms and cracking ribs; even forcing them to listen to music of the brothers Gibb.

He saved most scorn for one named Rajesh a petty tyrant who said his team thought he was the best.  The bastard risked his neck for none always looking out for number one.  He would never have thanked even when due, that piece of crap went into Krampus's stew. The rest he released after much beating.  Some he even forced them to partake in the stew eating.  They ran home looking over a shoulder all the way and did better at Christmas the rest of their days.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 113 very few changes

Even with lessons some folks don't learn and sooner than later another visit was earned.  Krampus again waited deep in the night, to catch the family in solstice eve’s delight.  This time he took the chimney breaking it apart, then bursting in like Santa only evil and dark.  The fire cracked with a bright Krampus plume then burning logs flew into the room.

Idunn watched from the sidecar of the cycle outside; using a few blankets to keep warm and hide.  She laughed at the screams emitting from the home and the cracks and crunches of Krampus breaking their bones.  She wasn't vicious or at all mean, but she rooted for Krampus she was part of his team.  She didn't really understand what it was she saw, but cheered for the monster with a giant foam paw.

Krampus cackled grabbing the boy, taking a bite for his ear with pugilistic joy.  Next he grabbed the girl caning her ass, this year she had been a bitchy condescending young lass.   Daddy was punched and knocked out his wind; Mommy took a switch right in the end.  Their phone list at last Krampus took, to visit their friends according to the book.  Lastly Krampus set up a manger then strolled out the door, after all it was the reason Christmas was for.  Again in the yard Krampus places a Christmas scene; with Jesus in nativity all glowing in saintly sheen. Mary and Joseph stood nearly four foot tall.  Hand carved by Krampus not the crap you get at the mall.  The beast was Bavarian and woodwork in his soul. Even Santa elves would be proud of his toil.

Lights shone like a beacon calling onlookers there.  To wonder at the jolly house and the Christmas in the air. He stole a donkey and a couple of merry pigs, corralling them in the yard quit impressive digs.  Idunn helped with the outside manger scene.  Then she and Krampus road off after making sure they were not seen.  Hopping on his bike and kick starting with a jerk, the neighbors would soon behold their work.  Fleeing the scene the monster smiled proud tearing off with the motor running loud.  Krampus made sure to get her back to her bed. Approving of her work with a pat on the head.

Krampus for Christmas: Part 112 some change thanks to my cousin Rick's input

Tonight he made a special visit to a special house on his list; the kids and parents that had for many years been missed.  The monster hoped for some hint of redemption but expected to see none.  He hunted through the trash for evidence, even more angry when he was done.  Candle carousel angels picked out and thrown with the junk, peering in he saw the now unheavenly toy spinning on a trunk.  Krampus watched not knowing what to do; it would take some time for his vengeance to be through.

Krampus clawed at the windows menacing the kids, in terror looking outside, Krampus cast only a shadow monstrously whilst he hid.  Later scrapping glass with hideous huge claws, children fled in horror waking parents to inform the law.  The Beast disappeared for a moment; hoping their mad parents would do his work.  But these were the sort that didn't spank bad children, you know the type, jerks.  Well tucked in with water, told it was only dreams; Krampus smiled in their windows delighting in their screams.  They made Dad check for prowlers all through the yard.  Krampus left a present that Daddy stepped in runny not at all hard.  Garden hose washing his foot proved to be a chore, He didn't notice our monster slipping in the door.

The next morning the house was a mess, Krampus had out done himself but it was only a start I must confess.  Stockings were filled with gifts no one liked, the monster had disassembled the kids new riding bikes.  Krampus sat on the pillows without any shorts. It would give you pink eye and probably warts.  Then he stopped up the sink and let the water run.  He saw it once in a movie and thought it would be fun.  He places a fair angel at the top of the tree, a dazzling heavenly beauty for all to see. To the carousel Krampus returned the angels rescued from the trash. Finally leaving he threw open the door with a crash.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

De Profundis: a response unexpected

My Fellow Gentlemen

My efforts have proven successful!  A queer visit was paid to my abode by a Ms. Hirsig, a secretary of sorts for Mr. Crowley.  The woman claims to have traveled with Crowley abroad, specifically mentioning the location of Cefalu, Italy.  The tale she told involved the establishment of a monastic retreat.  Crowley, though is scheduled to return in a weeks time and was well accepting of my request to meet.  Ms. Hirsig even delivered a fine bottle of red as complements of this Crowley.  I find myself more swayed to this man that my less than favorable dealings with Mr. Yeats.

This woman was odd if I am to tell the whole truth of the matter.  She seemed to veil herself in vague affectations of mysticism.  To others this gown of the occult would be ill fitting and childish.  But on she it seemed something felt to the bone.  Lived in and well worn, even thread bare. And in truth their was a wicked or foulness about her.  It was as if chaos and pestilence wormed their way through her flesh.  This abattoir presence lingered long after her egress.

These strange milieu call to me as Orpheus lyre.  Beguiling at the edge of perception and calling one to follow.  But are they as sirens song?

Your very truly
J.L. Reichl

Krampus for Christmas part 111

A couple of nights later the sirens wailed as Krampus cackled through the night; speeding through the city finally the last of the cop cars disappeared from sight.  The chase started and was over quick the monster on his motor bike along with Saint Nick.  The police saw a monster on the bike and gave chase.  Santa didn't want to be seen with Krampus and hid his face.  Claus was setting loose Krampus on a kid from the mall.  While visiting Santa the brat screamed and kick Santa in the balls.  These were the nights Krampus loved his Christmas work.  When Father Christmas wasn't being such a goody goody jerk.  The monster enjoyed righteously beating kids.  Santa directing the punishment based on who much bad they did.

Under the cloudy sky Krampus spied on the house from afar, Santa all the time hid in the motorcycle sidecar. The stockings were hung and they watch the fire crack merry, unaware they were being stalked by someone quit scary.  A Cloven hoof kicked in the door and the family gasped in horror.  The children shrieked dropping presents and candy.   The monster grabbed the boy and looked at the mother somewhat randy.  On orders, Santa said not a mark, so Krampus beat the bastard with a bag of oranges and tan bark.  After the child moaned in a pulp he looked up at the mom and she gave a loud gulp. The cop cars were her release, who knows what she would have done with the beast.

The pair rode off after the damage was done. Krampus smiling, he thought it had been fun.  They made their way to another house later that eve.  Krampus consulted with Santa if the mystery house should get a reprieve.  The pair looked in wondering what the family was about.  The tree was decked out as if nothing was ajar, except the top had no angel not even a star.  Presents were nestled under the tree with care, in the hopes that the winter solstice would soon be there.  They wondered why the family pretended through the Christmas Yule.  Maybe they thought denying their kids presents was far too cruel. 

Santa remembered the Parents from when they were tots.  They were good but their Christmas lists demanded a lot.  The children Santa had never visited before, and Krampus didn't remember leaving them in gore. Something was wrong they thought on the matter.  Krampus would investigate while Santa ate cookies and got fatter.  Claus left the issue to the beast and Krampus consider them a future feast.  They left knowing Krampus would be back.  The monster was already planning his attack.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 110

A couple of days later Idunn and the monster left their houses late in the evening.  Krampus had a special treat that needed seeing.  Krampus and Idunn wandered the in wonder all through the park; even though all was turned down and dark.  The Little scenes of Christmastide, all laid still long past closing time.  The beast looked on smiling at how with no people no peddlers it got Christmas right.  In rain lights shined on the roadway all looking lonely in depth of night.  With the power on elves hammered out toys in a sweatshop for the good girls and boys.  Reindeer trotted in a stable each in a stall.  These were ancient animatronic Christmas scenes once owned by the mall. Some new others old and dingy, they should be cleaned but the city was stingy.

Idunn happily squealed the about the virtues of every scene, the girl so happy Krampus smiled not the least bit mean. She shouldn't have been out this late.  Certainly not with a monster, but she thought it was great. He parents had taken her, at day to see the park, but now it had a new magic, with a monster, in the dark. A forest of lighted trees decks by local rotary clubs; shined merrily lighting the way to local pubs.  Of all Idunn liked the little Noah's Ark, she said it was the best of the whole Christmas In the Park.  The monster smiled remembering the traditions start.  A gift from the cities mortician, the irony was not lost in Krampus's heart. 

These late hours the sausage stand watered Krampus's maw.  He found a few left over links in a can with trash and straws. Idunn said no when Krampus offered a bite, the beast wanted her to eat but she put up a fight. the chilly air gusts were odd for a city of the bay, and drop of rain sent the pair on their way.

They left wind rushing through Krampus's hair, upon an old motorbike sidecar equipped for flair.  Idunn huddled wrapped up with a giant helmet on top.  She shouted with joy at Krampus with every stop. On through the houses alight with Christmas light bulbs shining against the night.  He turned down unknown streets to see houses made up with zeal.  Most streets had but a few but one street he stopped skidding with a squeal.  All the houses even the trees shined out blanketing the scene in weight.  Like new fell snow drooping down every bough! When Idunn saw she gasped a great big wow! This was a street to remember and check in on again.  Then they rode off Krampus with his new found friend.

Krampus for Christmas part 109

This late In the season Krampus loved to bake. His were the worst inedible ill flavored sort of fruity cakes. Krampus delivered them to the neighbor's doorsteps with a toss.  Some shattered across the lawn but the monster wouldn't mourn their loss. Cake broken windows were none of Krampus's concern.  He did the same thing last Christmas and the neighbors really should have learned.  The cakes were hard and really not for eating; more a friendly seasons greeting. 

Krampus didn't shell the nuts just leaving them in for a surprise.  To some he added bolts and hot wheels you should have seen the kiddies eyes.  In January the dentist fixed many teeth, he was so grateful he often sent Krampus a wreath.  Krampus's cookies tasted vaguely of frogs.  No one dared eating them not even local dogs.  He pumpkin bread alone was delicious and that he didn't share.  We only knew of those from the mouth watering smell dangling in the air.  The monster always had Figgie Pudding waiting on the boil.  He dumped it on carolers leaving them flame broiled.  KRampus often baked in coins despite the cost.  They were a choking hazard several lives were lost.

Then came the mincemeat flavored pie, though it wasn't meat and Krampus wondered why.  The beast added tripe to make it true to name, the few who ate it wondered who was to blame.  The pies were horrid terrible foul; left on doorsteps when the Beast did prowl.  Once Krampus had added candied apples to a church bake sale, they were infested with worms, also pretty stale.  In the caramel glaze they looked fine, but after a few bites kiddies retched and whined.

His neighborhood baking was the talk of the town, spoken in hushed whispers with a grim frown.  Few knew Krampus the beast lurked; they thought the food from a prankster jerk.  Only Idunn watched the monster bake, Krampus in a hair net for cleanness sake.  The girl and monster chatted through the fence, Krampus making cookies full of mince.  They shared some of his pumpkin cakes; it was the only tasty dish of all he makes.  Idunn even helped deliver the treats late one night.  She crept out late even through knowing it wasn't right.  For the most part Krampus's cooking was not enjoyed; just another Christmas sorrow for all the girls and boys.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Game Review of Citadels by Fantasy Flight Games

My game group find ourselves between games.  This is sort of intentional as one of our players is a fan of boardgames and everyone seemed to need a break.  Rather than going with our German friends copy of Acquire we tried out Citadels.  This is a card game presented by the folks over at Fantasy Flight Games.   Since we have a big group we were looking for 7 player games, which Citadels allows for.

The game puts the players in the role of rules building a town.  To do this you are building structures represented by the cards which have a cost.  You are able to either gain coins or draw cards with your action every turn.  So you are often building cash and then drawing and building.  This would be very simple except for the other mechanic present in the game.  Each player drafts a character that represents there patron or employee. 

These character cards really change the game.  First of you will see play order rotate from turn to turn as these character switch with each round of play.  A nice strategy is to take the Warlord who acts last in a turn and then take the assassin who acts first.  Some of the characters allow for stealing gold or cards which really adds another element to the game.  If you constantly take a character and end up ahead of the game play you will often find yourself targeted for theft or otherwise hampered.  It make certain character become very bad at times and very good at others.  People often target the architect early on seeing the character as powerful.  In the games played this character was often left alone when a leader presented himself with a large number of a particular type of structures.   So character give extra cash for having a related type of building so a leader with religious buildings is aided by playing the bishop.

As we were playing a seven player game the turns were a little long.  The recommended half to and hour game became three.  A good point was everyone was able to quickly grasp the game and begin making coherent plays.  People saw the leaders emerge and were able to use cards to attack them.  This was good but often there was a bit of slow down in the selection of a character card.  Which increased as the game went on and strategies were formulated.

All and all I think it was a good game.  The building stuff is a bit simple by the characters add enough to the game to make it interesting.  It did well enough as a seven player game, which was our requirement.   For more information please check out Fantasy Flight Games.

Krampous for Christmas part 108

This time of year the Ahwahnee hotel held a fine Christmas feast, and all the medieval merriment called to the beast. The dining room was decorated so festive it glowed.  All in the theme of a Christmas at Bracebridge hall of old.  Some sort of artist had organized the first dinner, many years back when Krampus was much thinner.  The monster visited in the dark of night, knowing his monstrous site would cause a fright. He peered in through the windows cracking as sash, and dined on left overs and trash. He enjoyed the evening it was all so fun, but where was the terror. Of fear there was none.

The peacock pie had been served to one and all when Krampus burst from the window and stormed the hall. He battered the house keep and flattened the Lord of Misrule. All the fancy dinners would remember this Yule. He grabbed a banker and gave him the lash. Buggering his wife with a rod made of ash.  Krampus tore at a tuba player and wrapped brass about him like a bow.  The monster preferred guitar, this was a critique of the show.  Pipers and players neither were spared, Flutes rammed down throats and up other places; you would have glared.

His hoof smashed tables shattering plates, if you love carnage you'd say it was just great.  Blows felled a bus boy like a tree; he was embezzling from the bar.  Krampus's switch lashed the evil, them running near and far.  Then beast was on them with a mighty bound; whips and cries a musical sound.

When all the nice banners lay broken and torn, Krampus flew away his welcome having grown worn. A last look Krampus surveyed the damage with delight. Hooting and hollering a menacing "Grus vom Krampus" into the night!

Monday, October 15, 2012

De Profundis: The pale Mr. Sutton

My Fellow Gentlemen

In the days following my encounter with Mr. Yeats I am coerced to his will.  I have gone calling upon Mr. Crowley as proposed.  This has proven fruitless as Mr. Crowley appears to be vacationing in Sicily.  In truth I was pleased by the revelation of this fact as I hold some apprehension in speaking with the man.

My sojourn to his residence was not without issue.  Firstly it is a squalor in the most run down of repair and second it unnerves one.  The abode is speaking most kindly a hunters game shack.  I was able to locate it with some vague direction from a bookseller I have become acquainted with.  It's location not far from my own residency but situation on a forgotten country lane, it's in disrepair.  This area is sometimes name New Almaden, sitting far under the shadow of Mount Umanhum in the southern lands. A colony of sorts for artist and outdoors men. It is not without its charm, though Mr. Crowley's residence peerless in countenance.  The very ground seems to scrutinize those which come calling. The feeling of watchful eyes ever present, I decided to extricate myself with haste.

No gentleman's gentlemen in employ, I was forced to leave my calling card with a local hills man that hung about the locale.  Pallid of look and missing teeth I believed the man to be the local dullard.  He further soured his mind with the consumption of white liquor directly from a stoneware jug.  The man referred to himself as Sutton and swore to deliver my card for a few coins.  The price fair though the messenger seemed unreliable.

I hope these trip not in vain.  I do not savor another journey into these wild lands and low persons.

Yours very Truly
J.L. Reichl

Krampus for Christmas: part 107 very few changes from original post

With Christmas a few weeks away, Krampus was up with the first light of day. The big monster thought of the little men working in Santa's shop.  Once he tried to help but the fat man told him to stop.  Krampus wasn't an elf nor good with his hands but Krampus helped charity in ways only he can.  In big toy stores all filled with Christmas rush; Krampus encouraged shoppers donate or blood would gush.  At Christmas “Toys for Tots” left out a bin, Krampus made sure everyone tossed a couple toys in.  The monster didn't talk or say a word, just swished his switch lightly the message clearly heard. A couple of teenagers tried to sneak by they were unhurt mostly, just a blackened eye.

One night Idunn trotted up with an unwrapped toy, the monster cracked a little smile to the girls bounding joy.  Her parents hurried off worried Krampus may eat her, but Idunn knew there was no reason to fear.  The hulking brute had grown fond of the girl. Idunn and he would talk over the fence all hours of the night, and then she would climb through her window quick as a squirrel. Idunn leaving the beast for her soft warm bed; Krampus to his dog house that didn't cover his head. Idunn's parents wouldn't understand; if they knew these nightly visits would be banded.

The little girl gone, Krampus again enforced the rules.  Krampus thought of charity important for the Yule.  The store stood on the classy side of town; He didn't target the poor for this Christmas shake down.  All had plenty to give or got the whip, it was funny how the richest usually ended with a fat lip.

Krampus looked over toys in the bin, somewhat ambivalent it was hard to read his grin.  Too few gifts for the older boys and girl, Christmas wasn't easy for the older orphans of the world.  No music players or big kid bikes, but plenty gift for the smallest of tike's.  Krampus stalked about the isles, tossing toys into unsuspecting carts, and then instructing shoppers where to donate with a menacing smile.  Shoppers complied in fear, buying music players or losing their ears.  The monster ordered one suited man to buy up video games or face his wrath.  He bought out the store earning the beasts approving Laugh.

Near close Krampus appraised the haul, smiling happily the bins filled all.  He could go home his work complete, next year maybe he and Santa couple compete.  Many kids would have a happy year, now it was time for Krampus to make the others tremble in fear.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: part 106

Back to the furry gang Krampusse all were on the run.  Each headed for an exit after a little fun.  Knocking over displays with choruses of merry shouts.  Krampus himself laid a store greeter out.  He called to Krampus "Happy Holidays" and the monsters attitude took a turn for the worse.  For Krampus no other Christmasy greeting was worse.  Our monster had put only Christmas in his evil heart and of other holidays he was determined to have no part.  Sure Krampus remember all the ancient traditions of times gone and old.  He often mistook Santa for Odin if truth be told. He remember time before it was called Christmas, the wintry Yule. Before he was reined in by Santa, Krampus was even more cruel!

The gang broke into the movie house interrupting the show.  It was something about Pine tree Vermont hoping it was going to snow.  The monstrous band lashed the crowd howling for their blood.  Krampus himself mauled the Mayor he was known for graft and sling of the mud. The Krampusse devoured the concession stand even if the popcorn sort of stale. Glass and candy was scattered on the floor.  Everything gone, Krampus smiled contently upon the gore.

It was a gala night before the carnage came, now the rich of the splendid town lay broken and in pain. Krampus knew most were crooks and got what they deserved.  He was happy for the Jolly backdrop on which his vengeance was served.  It was the sort of night to be spoken of for years.  Krampus would swell with pride when he felt a burning of his ears.  His band of krampusse he freed on the unsuspecting town.  Heading off to sleep in a cap and long night gown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 105

The neighborhood was alive with folks wandering about.  All singing to each other most sounded as if pained by gout.  With all the caroling and shopping Krampus paid a visit to the mall.  The monster loved carols but the singing left him appalled.  For Krampus plans a lone monster was too few for the task; so he rounded up young men and gave each a mask.  They all had furry suites, chains and a bell.  Now Krampus had an army of Krampusse to raise a little hell.  The monsters stormed the Spencer's and Orange Julius stores; spanking all the maidens dressed up like little whores.  The young children for the most part were spared, but if they weren't their parents wouldn't have cared.  In line for Santa they were mostly brats and deserved a few swings from the Krampusse's bats. When Security finally came Krampus gave a call and the band of shaggy outlaws fled the mall.

Fleeing Krampus spied Idunn in line, waiting for Santa her parents glowering from behind.  The little girl's smile lighted her parent’s gloom, Papa stepping between the beast and Idunn.  Krampus smiled a fang filled grin then knocked over a big trash bin.  Here parents wondered, looking down at the little girl.  Mommy nearly fainted when Idunn's smile started to curl. 

Mommy was about to ask how she knew the giant brute, just then the elves hauled Idunn up to the fat man in the suit.  Claus asked what she would like and posed for a pictures.  Then he offered her parents advice to reign her in stricter.  Santa gave Idunn a cane and hustled here away.  He said he would see her soon on Christmas Day.  Glancing back Santa gave her a wink.  He knew Krampus too Idunn started to think.

Cirrus Minor

your eyes are imagined
from the songs of youth
every conjured vision
now made into truth

Some Cymbaline beauty
in light enveloped drape
a standing present dream
lips satin and grape

disembarked crimson shell
barefoot in the park
Verdancy every step
without worry in the dark

Moonchild wands and whistles
for the night birds
Muse of all longing
my vision interred

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

De Profundis: Only villains and I

My Fellow Gentlemen

I return bewildered and transfixed. The visit paid to Mr. Yeats nights past was in a word queer!  The powers Mr. Yeats spoke of were nay limitless and he claims a firm grasp over their direction.  I find myself much doubting his claims though for true he holds a far greater understanding than I.  He revealed some small fragment of his gift.  My mind still quakes at what was seen.

He also speaks of this Crowley I have had chance to identify.  This one a magus of different sorts has come into conflict with Mr. Yeats in the past.  Quarrels arise to bared arms at present.  As I understand my revelations now I have wandered blind into this conflict and find myself embroiled.

I am unsure how to extricate my person from this battle of wills. Mr. Yeats seeks to enlist my help as spy and go between in this conflict.  He appears to posses little concern for my misgivings and he threatens to cast me back amongst the sheep, warning there are many wolves about.  I hear their jaws snap in hunger all about.

There shall be no hero in this yawn I fear only villains and I.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reichl

Krampus for Christmas Part 104 only small alterations

The morning after the night with Miss Deroon left Krampus brooding stewing in gloom.  The incident with the tree didn't go as Krampus hoped.  He just couldn't scare this girl, away he moped.  She even cheered when the monster stormed her class.  Laughing and giggling when he took the teacher for his lass.  Where did this one get off being so brave, it was an insult the monster would take to his grave.  One little girl that liked the brute, now stuck with a friendship he couldn't refute. 

Now instead of talking through she hopped over the fence; looking the beast eye to eye without even a wince.  She even helped hang the little lights.  A kid helping Krampus; boy Santa would laugh at the sight.  She liked Christmas too it’s something all kids do, but Idunn loved it like the beast.  Not only presents but the lights, tree, and feast.  She loved her family coming from near and far, even the uncle that lived at the bar.  She even have an eye for decking the halls, also she brought Krampus her mother's Christmas cheese balls. After being filled with treats Krampus didn't much mind this kid he couldn't eat.  She even had a good backhand with the whip, good follow through and a solid grip.

After a few visits and some time, Krampus actually started not to mind.  Idunn helped and the beast had plenty to do.  He needed many more switches and a cane or two.  Without the girls help the work might never get through.  She even figured out what the record player was all about.  Idunn was too young and her parents didn't care for vinyl.  They hated those horrid hipsters that much is final.  But the girl treated the monsters records with a ginger hand, and thought his choice in music was perfectly grand.  Sometimes they even sang together changing the words, something about the bat mobile losing wheels I've heard.

When Krampus asked Idunn if she sent a list to Saint Nick; she decided she would just give it to Krampus it would be more quick.  She even asked if he could come down the chimney instead and eat up cookies whilst she slept in bed.  The idea was so sweet the monster started to blush, but being a big monster he was much too plush.

And so the Beast, Krampus, had made a friend.  This being rare for a monster he was loyal to the end.  He told Idunn of old Christmases untold; bring the girl into Yule tides exclusive fold.  Krampus documented the long history of lights around the house, from Edison to general electric on through Westinghouse. Illuminating his secrets for decking the bows, giving her all the whys and how’s.  The monster even gave Idunn copies from his cooking book; though some called for awful ingredients it’s best not to look.  Idunn passed along to mommy those more plain.  Her mommy tried a few but her efforts were in vain.

Krampus even once gave the girl a hug.  He was stiff and awkward squishing Idunn like a pug.  But she laughed and didn't once cry.  Krampus teared up a little but said he had something in his eye.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 103

The morning after his incarceration Krampus prowled about the yard.  He thought of Ms Deroon whom he saved at his local bar.  She worked at the school a mile down the road.  If Krampus put her on his own naughty list no one would know.  School was still in session but the monster didn't care.  Love on different schedules never was fair.

Krampus broke down the door, storming into the room; throwing over a table which landed with a boom!  Some kids fled in terror others shrieked in fright.  It was only Idunn who squealed in delight.  He gave only a glance bounding toward Miss Deroon.  He hefted her up and sprang from the room.  To the window tearing up the sash, it exploded with a crash.  Miss Teacher had been bad and Krampus had the cure. It was a punishment she would enjoy, of that be sure.  It wasn't the date she envisioned after Krampus saved her at the bar, but it was one she liked more by far.

The teacher rolled over throwing an arm over the brute; it was a wild night there was to be no refute!  Miss Deroon stroked Krampus's furry chest, her night with the savage monster had been her best.  Clothes cast about the room or torn into shreds, she wondered if she'd need a new bed.  She happily laughed with Krampus stroking her hair in his paws.  For a monster he was gentle never scratching her with his wicked claws.

Krampus tongue drooped out as it often did; she enjoyed this too under the covers where they hid.  Then the beast fried up eggs; breakfast was important to start the day.  With a hug and kiss they each were on their way.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 102

On some nights Krampus just watched TV by the fire at home.  Though usually a fire he set and the house not his own.  Our monster wasn't above arson to watch a favorite show and they only play A Christmas Story a few times you know.  Krampus was happy for Whoville when good turned the Grinch.  He thought Charlies' sad little tree would do in a pinch.  The monster chimed along so angels got their wings.  He even watched a Cailliou Christmas though he hated the thing.

With a fire still blazing the cops came sirens singing loud.  Krampus lingered a little longer than he should watching Rudolph fly so proud.  A copper caught him in the head with a billy club; knocking out the monster like a little cub.  It took three officers to load Krampus into their truck.  Krampus came too smelling horses and muck.  Locked in the beast sadly howled; joined by a chorus of dogs returning he yowl.

The cops led Krampus through the station thinking him a bum.  He would remember this for coal in the stocking each and every one.  Once Santa chained the Krampus but police shackles wouldn't work.  The monster tore them apart with the smallest little jerk.  All the papers filed they led him to a cell, it was wet and cold and he didn't like the smell.  But in Krampus went and didn't even yell.

Some hours later Krampus ripped off the door. Being quiet and listening for the Sargent’s snore. Krampus crept out on a soft padded foot; but sometimes with a cloppy clop coming from his hoof.  His jail break was a success no thanks to old fat Saint Nick.  He may have been his partner but sometimes he was a prick.   Krampus walked home sneaking all the way, Get back to his little house a few hours before light of day.

Friday, October 05, 2012

De Profundis: an even greater chasm

My Fellow gentlemen

The universe foundations of the spiral arm appear open before me; as if some precipice daring me to cross.  Calling me need me a trill wire in the blood.  But  this portal is only crossed grimly, casting off this for the next.  The warm sanity of the clean and knowable thrown aside in favor of the slimy stars imagined by minds of grandeur.

I have take the door; bolstered myself with a breath, and strode forward.  My tempts in contacting Mr. Yeats have proven fruitful.  He has brokered a meeting in some nights time.  Thought I fear my escape is not to be.  The author has assured me the headlong charge the only course.  I steel myself as I inscribe this message.

I further labor through books and fill my study with perfumes and fragrant strange.  The green nimbus power seems to be at my fingertips as well.  I feel the reality between it and I scared and pulpy.  As if with a dull scratch it may well up.   Though I confess no knowledge on how one would paint themselves an army of this extra corporeal light.

If I am straddling an even greater chasm

Your very truly
J.L. Reichl

Krampus for Christmas part 101

Some nights later after his rounds to the bad kids of town.  Krampus was tired and sore and very run down.  Sad of spirits out monster needed a drink.  Down to the corner to the lowest of dives all dark and full of beery stinks.  Here the monster was warm and the place full and merry.  Krampus ordered himself twelve Tom and Jerry's.  Slowly getting plastered the rest of the night.  Singing with the bar Christmas songs of childhood delight.  The beast stayed until last call and got one for the road to end it all.

They spilled upon the street couples and gangs and some singles lonely with heartbroken pangs.  Krampus was leaving when he heard a woman's words spoken in fear.  No granny or Lady's need worry when Krampus was near.  Down a dark alley a date ended poorly.  The girls No's changed the monsters mood sorely.  With a bound Krampus sprang to see what was the matter.  A woman pushed a man away while he pawed at her.  High on Christmas vengeance Krampus made the man bite the curb. Then a swishy switching along with screaming was heard.  Once twice the whipping was strong and even like the tide.  The villain wouldn't be sitting after the tanning of his hide.

Long after the beating he left with the lady, clinging to his arm.  She laughed and was happy despite herself from Krampus's charm.  Leaving her at her doorstep but asked to call again, nothing serious just to check on his new friend.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 100

Krampus walked home Hungry and confused.  Only thinking of grabbing a late night snack let the monster a little amused.  The air was a light drizzle and his sneaker had a hole.  Skill a little foul weather would not stand between Krampus and his goal. The monster peered in windows for something to eat.  If not bad kids maybe a little spoiled meat.

The streets on this side of town looked sad and shabby.  The people too weren't Christmasy bur instead sort of crabby. Christmas wasn't always very fun for folks looking for money and finding none.  Even Krampus didn't feel a need to make these peoples season worse. Krampus caught a ride to the rich side of town in a hearse.  Krampus gave them loads of business this time of year.  The morticians were all glad Krampus was here.

Around the houses Krampus crept silent like a cat. None of the bad kids were big boned or fat. Only grisly chauffeured little little jerks.  Krampus wanted a double deck kids sandwich with sauerkraut and the works.   The only porker was kind and jolly, a delightful little fatso named Pauly. Tonight Krampus would be forced to make do,  with a scrawny back talking bastard or two.

Down the chimney no not his style he kicked in the door with a smile. He told the parents what he was about and usually they handed the truants over without a shout. This time was different this time was fun; dad fought with Krampus and told the kids to run. It was odd pops had such moral fiber when the kids had none. Krampus ran off from the fight, laughing and cackling into the night. Children were good but sausage was too and Harry's Hofbrau was open almost until two.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Somehow I've hurt myself

Howdy folks

Well i hurt myself somehow.  My Knee is just in agony but its getting better.  I have been off yesterday and today due to the pain.  Also can't sleep with it, so generally bad all around for writing. I hope to be back tomorrow with something.

Hope all your days are knee pain free