Tuesday, May 31, 2011

something for nothing

I just saw an article by some sort of Lifehack outfit. I guess they are trying to make you a better you. Alas its was much more a better you as perceived by them. Who are them? douche bags! For my purposes Lets consider the supposed observer of change, Them or The They if you will. No unknown is going to understand my path from here and beyond and certainly will not be able to judge their ideal against my vector and intercept point. Even my friends and family are of poor judgment they are supposed to like me. And I think I am great, but look who is telling me this. Here I arrive at the judge I do value, my offspring. For me any life hack is a dad hack and let us have at it.

Learn baseball to the ability to teach your child the basics. That probably extends to basketball and football or soccer and softball if you have girls. Lets face it I earned my basket balling nickname "Air ball", I don't want my girl to have to wear it too.

Fix crap. Just do, you fuck it up, then call in the pros. You succeed and its free labor and you will feel better of yourself. Otherwise no loss. You kids want to see you as able.

Walk off pain. A beer and a wash clothe should be sufficient medicine for 90% of wounds. Chalk it up to straight up chuck Norris machismo. Kids should see their parents as tough. Again they want to know they are in good hands.

Be thy master of the grill. Hamburgers and Hot dogs should be your go to meal. Grill! It is Manly! It is Dadly!

Be a scout. You needn't be Les Stroud, but you should be able to pitch a tent. You may be roped into setting up a camp out any summers night in your backyard. Or volunteered to supervise a scout trip when someone ends up sick. You should have that covered. Don't be the reason your kid can't do some long hoped for activity.

Take up Krav Maga. Something goes down your the one between your precious and the bad people. I ain't looking myself in the mirror if something I could have stopped happens.

Know the basics. Why is the sky blue. who built the pyramids. You sir are expected to be a one man trivia expert. Your kid it more testing your knowledge than caring about answers. You should be the first person to show your kids knowledge is valuable and worth worrying about.

Don't believe in Karma. Only the weak believe justice is going to happen on its own. The just set things right even when they don't want to bother.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Veteran of the Psychic Wars

As you all I enjoy various fortean topics but i have a friend that absolutely gets his rocks off for that stuff. In the right circles he will start talking about Bigfoot being a CIA trained psychic sniper that took out Kennedy. The younger one, JFK is still alive apparently and may be one or more members of the Bush family. But lately he has gotten worse.

Enter his conspiracy pillow mate and they get going full steam. After listening in on one of their conversations I may be both the Lindbergh baby and jack the ripper. I have been trying to disprove their theory but their time line is iron clad. I am really sorry for whatever i did on the Ourang Medan too.

I wish these guys could just be sensible and give up junk like UFOs and psychic brain washing and get into ghost hunting like normal people.

Friday, May 20, 2011

watcher of the skies

Take this fretting rush away from me
and let me be sedate
let me sit motionless
only concerned with what is mine
Dreamless and worried over
foolish things meaningless
That I will regret
when it come to an end
Don't worry me with wrong paths
and tigers schemes of the rodeo

Monday, May 16, 2011

An open letter to the Stanford Theatre


I can not count how many times I have started this letter over the years, only to discard it. Alas you have forced my had with the Stanford Theatres' latest schedule. You, or those who select the movies, are bland, unimaginative and lazy. Again I see titles that have been shown countless times. You will say some enjoy viewing these movies many times, but that's a cope out.

I feel that the Theater is a gift which you squander every year. I urge you to find new titles and expand your bill of fair. I also would like to see the time-line of movies expanded. You include a movie from 1964 with this schedule I think that is a fair range or films or at the very least the full life of the theater should be included, IE 1961.

Another issue is your lack of community input. At the writing of this letter I am planning on mailing this directly to the theater. Why is there no email address on the http://www.stanfordtheatre.org/stf/ site. There should be a route for communication. I am aware of difficulty in trying to acquire films for every request, but this is just not operating in the public trust.

In the past I had ideas that I would have voiced; horror or sci-fi films for October for example. But now I just would like to see a schedule that has something new.


Again with this latest calendar you have proven yourselves to be near sited and lazy.  You craft a series of your back pocket favorites that is just plain sad.  Do you try anymore, I say the answer is no!  Gain and gain the same titles.  I have read your statements that many people like seeing the same film many times.  This has been rule for so long that you do not even consider the alternative.  There are so many files from the 50's that you could show and delight fans but you don't even try it.  You seem to have a vault that you work from but now are not trying to go beyond it.  LAZY!  You could do so much more and there are resources you could tie into but nope same old stuff.  It's as though you stick to a certain few films and disregard so much.  The movies you show don't need to be good.  Show some crap i would be interested.  Please try a wider selection of films.  How about you give us some early weekend shows with a lot of extras so families with kids could come and be entertained.  Try Disney non animated comedies perhaps they can't be expensive or in demand.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A short lived galaxy

I feel a little hollow as if I don't experience all that is happening to me. I dont know it feels in the glare of the sun how you dont see the detail of anthing; but in experience. I think i am missing something about whats going on around me. Perhaps a lack of connection. Perhaps a regret of past connections getting weak over time.

I don't pretend to make any grand changes this time or feel some desperate attempt to mend things will work. Just an honest work to give more of myself with the people I can give more.

To get into that, some of you I just am just guarded and I dont know how to not be. I can try but it doesnt work in any way. I'm confounded from the inside.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

Its been way too long for me to work on something. We had a party with my Atari set up going and it got me looking at a few things on the video game front. I saw a listing about Nintendo games that had a nice format listing games as free, pay for, work hard to get, etc. That is really a good way to look at Atari collecting. Many games have little to no value and you are going to get at little to no cost. These are the games that you can find on a website or good store at just a few dollars a cart. The pay for games are going to be your five to ten dollar games. Your work to find games are those that are just hard to find. You may need to pay a pretty penny or hunt around quite a bit to find.

For my NES and SNES I am basically not a collector. I have them and like to get games I played but I have not expectation to have any sort of meaningful collection. I really just want Mario 1 and 2, Metroid, Simon's quest and Bionic Commando. I wouldn't mind having a full collection of Activision titles like i am collecting for Atari, but I don't really care.

Yeah I sort of liked Mario 2 for some reason, better than three i guess i am messed up in the head. I should probably keep that a secret like being a bigger fan of Van Hagar than Van Halen. Oh shit I said that too.

Really my favorite NES game is Bionic Commando,its great. Its just fun to move around in that game. Swinging here and there from lights and stuff, really a great game.

I play with a FC twin just to avoid the pain of replacing the NES cart connection. I have considered getting the FC three to have sega in there too but I am waiting for them to add Turbografx into the mix.