Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Veteran of the Psychic Wars

As you all I enjoy various fortean topics but i have a friend that absolutely gets his rocks off for that stuff. In the right circles he will start talking about Bigfoot being a CIA trained psychic sniper that took out Kennedy. The younger one, JFK is still alive apparently and may be one or more members of the Bush family. But lately he has gotten worse.

Enter his conspiracy pillow mate and they get going full steam. After listening in on one of their conversations I may be both the Lindbergh baby and jack the ripper. I have been trying to disprove their theory but their time line is iron clad. I am really sorry for whatever i did on the Ourang Medan too.

I wish these guys could just be sensible and give up junk like UFOs and psychic brain washing and get into ghost hunting like normal people.

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