Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crescentstar Progressive Rock score card 6

Cuts like a knife, well everyone knows pretty much. its from Bryan Adams and is the title track of his most popular record. I really don't know why i used this for the title probably was just thinking about that song at the time.

One Pill Makes you Large One Pill makes you small is from Jefferson Airplane off the surrealistic pillow record. I was talking about my meds so figured pills was the theme.

Green is the Colour of her kind, is from Pink Floyd's soundtrack to More. It was a song I listened to back when I had more free time to drive. I remember listening to the record when driving Hicks road in San Jose, which is what I am talking about in the piece.

Party Hard is by Andrew W.K. off his I get wet. I had read some of his twitter stuff and just found it awesome. Simple Joy sort of like his song. Silly but direct to the point.

Most of the time is by Bob Dylan. Its off his Oh Mercy record but isn't the folks crap most people know of him. I think i was going for the imply opposition of my words that is inherent in his song.

All About Us is by American Analog Set. Off of the golden band record. I was just listening to this around the time i was writing so it became the title.

Trust is by Megadeth off Cryptic Writing. The piece is about my wife who loves Megadeth so I figured i would use one of their songs as the title.

Where does the time go is a miss remember of Sandy Denny's who knows where the time goes. Which is off Fairport Conventions unhalfbricking. I had listened to the song before writing so it was in my mind.

This is Halloween is off the nightmare before Christmas soundtrack. I was just looking for something about Halloween for the title so I used this.

Ready to Roll is by Flashlight Brown off My degeneration. I was just looking for a song about AD&D. There was actually a Camper Van Beethoven song I was trying to remember but couldn't. Let me know the title if you remember it.

Envy Life is by Testament who are a favorite of mine. Its off their Practice what you preach record. I was thinking about death so i thought of envy life.

One more red nightmare is by King Krimson off Red i believe. I like the Early KK but one of the people from my group is a fan of all their stuff so I thought about this song.

Keep on walking that road and I'll follow is a line from from Europe's Superstitious off Out of this world. I dont know how this song and the piece fit together, i think I may have wished i was out driving and listening to this song.

Memories sleep in dust is a line from Voivod's into my hypercube. This is off the fantastic nothingface record. I stole some of the imagery for the piece so i figured credit where it is due.

VintersKugge is a record from Isengard. I was mainly thinking of the frozen north and winter plus its viking metal so i figured why not.

The ripper is a song from Judas Priests, Sad wings of destiny. I think i was comparing the character i am playing to the ripper but i don't know its a good song anyway.

Hammer smashed face comes from Cannibal corpse. There is a lot of violent imagery associated with the band so i figured it fit.

Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson just seemed to fit for a self portrait. its from the Bad record.

Neal's Fandango is off Stampede by the doobie brothers. I was thinking of the rambling and traveling aspect so i used it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Neal's Fandango

Driving streets that have been made and remade so many times you cant sort out the building that died there. Its all so new and remade you have to try hard to touch our history that has already been lost. Seems we set fire to all that is meaningful to remake it; whipping away the past for a future that was a mistake to being with. Technology centers full of pointless projects sit atop the ghosts of companies that dreamed our present in the days of my youth. The bars that birthed circuits are now housing; after a burst housing boom. Much is new and shiny and empty just waiting. Whole streets and centers empty. Well except for a few tractor trailers and weathered motor homes that shift about the city. Housing a few near homeless gypsy souls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Man in the Mirror

I'm fat, real fat; and shorter than I should be but still pretty tall. I've got that Gary Coleman disease but come from tall folk so it worked out. My hair is brown with a little blond or blond with a little brown but lately its getting too thin. I cut out there curls so it seems thicker and covers up my head. I have full lips that are deep red and luxurious, they would look great on a girl but that's another story. The teeth underneath crunched and crooked but sit together fine so i never got braces. There is a cavernous cleft chin and a silly moustache inspired by Max Mavin. My nose is Germanic or would be if it wasn't so broke, now people mistake me Jewish. I've got little bumps that festoon my skin that I hate and razor away but them seem to come back in a few days. All in all a mess would you say?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hammer smashed face

I awoke to find a large bruise discoloring the majority of my calf. On further inspection I was able to discern it to be a hematoma rather than run of the mill bruising. While concerning, I had become accustomed to unexplained mishaps of the year. Maybe I was a violent sleeper and maybe my wife had been roughing me up in my sleep, but this was an all too common experience. What i found alarming was my own reaction to this experience. In discovering the bruise I had looked for and detected an impact point that presented itself as the source of the damage. I found myself taking a sterile razor blade and removing a portion of necrotized skin around the wound. This allowed some flow of blood which in turn removed the discoloration of the surrounding flesh. Seeing the change in the marking I choose to proceed with a series of vertical razor cuts running the full area of the hematoma. While this allowed for a small lightening of the area I question my instinct. In retrospect I often find myself making questionable decisions with some regularity.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ripper

Talking about D&D and my more nerdy vices, I figured I would let you in on my current character. We are playing under the pathfinder rule set, which is basically a 3.75 version of D&D, AD&D, whatever. We are playing in the default pathfinder setting using Pazio's king maker series. I have been out for a long long time so I am basically just returning to the game.

I am playing a character based off a chaotic fighter a friend played in a campaign long long ago in a garage far far away. That character was an all black wearing fighter who just did weird crap. I am taking that concept and trying to play through it and create a bigger character. I am trying to give the back story that he was a herder that was pressed into becoming a soildier. To represent that i started with a level of barbarian. I will go fighter for awhile then maybe sorc to dragon disciple.

Str 18
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 14

Hp 12

Climb 1 +3+4=8
Handle Animal 1 +3+2=6
Intimidate 1 +3+2=6
Knowledge (Arcana) 1 +2=3
Knowledge (Nature) 1 +3+2=6
Survival 1 +3=4
UMD 1 +4+2=7

Feats:Improved Unarmed combat, Iron will
Traits:Dangerous curiosity, Roslander

Monday, January 17, 2011


Drums ring out from the treeline signaling those on the ice of the coming attack. A caravan of sleds pulled by yapping dogs fell with a hush as the first volley of arrow dotted the sky. The men gave cover to the children and women folk, draping themselves across and taking the brunt of the arrows.

In a moment amongst the carnage one would look down at the blood mingling and mixed with water, finding cracks and fingers in the ice made beautiful in gore. But that moment was obliterated with the first of the charge.

Whoops and screams rang out with the spear men rushing across the lake. Jannik waited motionless measuring their distance. Looking for the point of commitment in their approach. Finally he swung his hammer down hard on the ice. Then Again and again. Rage and terror erupted around him. Then the cracking of the ice.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Memories Sleep in Dust

These words fall, then sit here entombed, forgotten and in decay. They should run with meaning on others breath, but here they are held up. Stock Piled in the cellar waiting aimless; said, forgot, and re said as something new. Desperate to become meaning but falling short and said when no one was listening.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep on walking that road and I'll follow

Night is rolling into the day, giving just my sort of evening. I feeling it behind me as I'm trying to keep my head down and dive into work. But its beautiful and its been a while since the last time I noticed. It's well remembered drives with friends and time out of mind. Somewhere behind me ringing memories sublime

Monday, January 10, 2011

One more red nightmare

I am still feeling less than enthusiastic about gaming. I think I may return to the Pathfinder group but I am a little nervous about that. I would give me self a 50/50 shot at staying. I don't know why. I am a little concerned about being lower level but, it seems like the game is not progressing very quickly. We were like that when playing Everquest at first. Took us like a year to get to twenty.

Also there is some weirdness with some of the people. Some i just don't know, others I do too well. Its like ugh we are gaming that's about it, but they don't realize that is where it ends. Some understand though. I just don't want to put myself in a situation were i have to spell out anything uncomfortable about people, because I will. Then it will be hard to go back to just a gaming relationship.

I really would like to do some gaming with some gaming with people from the way back if its possible. Rick, Derek, Brian and folks like that. I remember gaming being a lot more fun with those folks, but life was a bunch easier.

It was always fun getting into a new group and getting to know their extra baggage, but the group from High School and beyond was the best. It was almost like a lifestyle rather than just a game. There we some many other games, movies to see and tapes to hear. It was coming into another culture almost, as if going to a German restaurant for the first time. You had to go in deep just to understand the lame jokes everyone was saying. And it was a great time.