Monday, January 10, 2011

One more red nightmare

I am still feeling less than enthusiastic about gaming. I think I may return to the Pathfinder group but I am a little nervous about that. I would give me self a 50/50 shot at staying. I don't know why. I am a little concerned about being lower level but, it seems like the game is not progressing very quickly. We were like that when playing Everquest at first. Took us like a year to get to twenty.

Also there is some weirdness with some of the people. Some i just don't know, others I do too well. Its like ugh we are gaming that's about it, but they don't realize that is where it ends. Some understand though. I just don't want to put myself in a situation were i have to spell out anything uncomfortable about people, because I will. Then it will be hard to go back to just a gaming relationship.

I really would like to do some gaming with some gaming with people from the way back if its possible. Rick, Derek, Brian and folks like that. I remember gaming being a lot more fun with those folks, but life was a bunch easier.

It was always fun getting into a new group and getting to know their extra baggage, but the group from High School and beyond was the best. It was almost like a lifestyle rather than just a game. There we some many other games, movies to see and tapes to hear. It was coming into another culture almost, as if going to a German restaurant for the first time. You had to go in deep just to understand the lame jokes everyone was saying. And it was a great time.

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