Monday, March 19, 2007


Howdy folks

Since its been so long, I guess I will talk about where I am at. I feel like i am on a decent path right now and I am sticking with it. I am not really down on myself, but not contented either. I am impatient with taking it day by day; and want to rush to see the end of this road. But progess isn't with the planning but execution.

So what I am doing these days is

excercise (weights and cardio)
Reading my books (leibniz almost beat, then Heidigger)
working on the dark parts of my life to let in light
messing with my game stuff (atari)
playing around on the bass
Going to some concerts
working on some game stuff

I am thinking about having a movie sometime, but who know who would come when its one of my movies.

Maybe a game weekend around the 21st of April. Denise is gone then. Have some Catan or something like that.

Well thats it for now

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cracklin' Rose

Well where have I been? Nowhere consiquential.

As this is about work and not so much accounts of my life I haven't had much to say. I dont know where inspiration is going but i am not finding it.

I have been removed from the yearning that takes me to the places i write about. I could say its isolation, but perhaps its just feeling the pieces do not fit. Maybe that i am lying to choose the mantles I wear. To say your living a lie you have to pretend yourself defined. Right now I couldn't dream to say I identify with A or B. For the moment I am the mass, or at that i'll play. Empty myself and fill again with contentment.