Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Krampus for Christmas part ugh more

What the little girl would see if she could see was the monster, in the garage, searching for boxes. Boxes of lights, boxes of bells. Boxes of garland. All amongst the rafters that were loaded too high. And the monster, we will call him Krampus it was his name, worked with monstrous hands at a string of Christmas lights all wadded up tight.

You see this was no ordinary monster, if there is an ordinary kind, but a Christmas monster and it suited him just fine. Maybe he whipped the wicked and thought bad children were delicious to dine, but he kept the Christmas spirit as they did in olden time. He never knew a humbug or was without cheer, well at least during Christmas time of year.

Even though it was too early, Krampus worried he was late, moving the calendar forward and circled the date. Many days and months, it was a long time away, but still Krampus worried and started working that day. Did I say it was still summer, it was you see. There was still Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween to go, Veterans day an election, but Krampus thought about getting a tree.

Where does the time go

Be warm with joy as the day grows dark, be sure I'm thinking of you when I shouldnt be. Be kind and firm with our child and remember I would do anything for you both. Don't worry with your work it's only work, I'd help if I could. Be glad for little things, a free road is a wonderful thing. Be sure I'm happy to be home with you, I be there now if i could. Remember the simple days we had nothing but time to be together. Remember I love you

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


She cracks like a stone under the load that everyone and I have set her with. Its never been fair but she takes and doesn't complain even when stumbling. I come to help when she lets on there is pain but too often Ill decide not to see. Everyone everything and me are adding weight. I want to cut her free but I'm afraid that would mean getting rid of me and I'm scared. Failing her again and my promises are just words but I'm trying.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All About Us

When I was growing up the bridge over the freeway seemed like a crossing to another land. The shallow drainage creeks held dark passages of danger as they crossed under the highway. It was all secret and unseen or rewritten in my mind to be some sort of wonderful kingdom of forever autumn. All was freedom and even night held little sway. I didn't fear and there was little worry when I was gone late after dark.

But I fear this autumn land is gone and there is nothing for my daughter. I can't let her see streets as I have. There is no map only tales lite with the soft disappointment of her never being able to go.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Most of the time

I'm not drunk with longing that makes the words come easy. I'm not falling with a rush that steals my breath. The stars don't wheel around me or blaze in breaking joy. It's not all joy and wonder, But beyond that to something solid and real. My head is well above water and I see land in sight. It's a city beyond the city that is dreamed of past the edge of site. Memory isn't forgotten, but held precious tight. Perhaps again it will take me if the scarecrow speaks tonight.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Party Hard

Lunch was great today, Octoberfest at Harry's hofbrau. Really it doesnt get much better than sitting in the bar, on one of their wingbacks. I love the cool weather and overcast sky. I dont want to be a food blogger or just talk about random stuff from my day, but a good day is always worth comment.

I hope everyone can find something great about autumn and sing its praises. This is really my time of year, and I hope everyone else can enjoy it like I am.

Take an evening walk or roll down the windows on the drive home. just find something you love and go with it.