Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Krampus for Christmas part ugh more

What the little girl would see if she could see was the monster, in the garage, searching for boxes. Boxes of lights, boxes of bells. Boxes of garland. All amongst the rafters that were loaded too high. And the monster, we will call him Krampus it was his name, worked with monstrous hands at a string of Christmas lights all wadded up tight.

You see this was no ordinary monster, if there is an ordinary kind, but a Christmas monster and it suited him just fine. Maybe he whipped the wicked and thought bad children were delicious to dine, but he kept the Christmas spirit as they did in olden time. He never knew a humbug or was without cheer, well at least during Christmas time of year.

Even though it was too early, Krampus worried he was late, moving the calendar forward and circled the date. Many days and months, it was a long time away, but still Krampus worried and started working that day. Did I say it was still summer, it was you see. There was still Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween to go, Veterans day an election, but Krampus thought about getting a tree.

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