Monday, November 01, 2010

This is Halloween

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter trick or treating last night. Its a really good experience to take her out and to see all the other people out on the streets. While we were out I noticed there were a lot fewer houses handing out candy than I remember as a kid. Another oddity was those who were giving candy usually had invested real time in decorating. One house I seriously considered giving the guy a time for the over the top decorations.

What I saw that I really loved was the the community coming together in ways that they just don't these days. I have seen a similar community spirit on streets that all do Christmas lights. I don't talk much to my neighbors, I don't have a feeling of street pride. It shouldn't be this way and it wasn't in years past. We should know the people we live next to, and shouldn't have the fear that is stopping kids from enjoying the season.

My friend is a haunter, he mentioned that his kids school won't use the word Halloween. And I know its dick lame when people wont say Christmas or attack us lighters. Usually is some hates everything traditionally western douche saying the drain on power isn't green in my case. I think its the Christian's pissed off about Halloween and people talking crap about Christmas in his.

Look people our nation is falling apart you gotta just drop it. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize your neighbors are the people you are gonna depend on some time in your life. If there is a fire, they are gonna call the fire department for you. If there is a flood you are gonna be shoveling sand bags with them. Build relationships with these people in the ways you can. I light my house for others peoples kids as much as my own. To be a good guest arrive with gifts and go with the flow. Be a good guest while you are here.

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