A little more about Me

Hi I'm Jim.  Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it.  A little bit about me, I am a software QA Engineer professionally but writing is something that has always come naturally to me.  I think you have some since of my interests and hobbies from reading this blog.  But let me try to tell you something you may not know.

I was born in the early 70's in the Bay Area of California and have lived there all my life.  I think of San Jose as my home especially the Berryesa Region of North San Jose and the Blossom Hill area.  I think being a 13 year old loser and living in the Bay in 86 predestined me to love Heavy Metal.

I am a huge behemoth of a person but have always been sickly.  Apparently this is in part due to my Poly Cystic Kidney Disease which log gave me trouble but really kicked in around twelve.  It was not fully diagnosed until a few years later.  I lost my kidney's on my twenty sixth birthday ( yes exactly we had a cake to celebrate it) but was luckily to receive a Live Organ transplant from my mother just before my twenty seventh birthday.

My heritage is German and Scandinavian though this really doesn't mean much except a love of Bratwurst on my part.  My dad's family are Ozarks and mom's are Idaho pioneer sorts.  Our food is heavy and rich but on the bland side.  I am a Christian though more of an odd ball existential Christian. 

I continue to live in San Jose with my wife and daughter.   Well also with my Malinois Lab and Siberian Husky dogs.  Both are rescues which I recommend to anyone considering a pet.