Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pandora Don't Prog

Dear Pandora I am a little confused by your suggested listening.  I have been doing my best to create a station to my liking, but we have a disconnect.  I started with a song by Genesis called The Lamia which is pretty hard core prog.  From there I have added various Progressive groups. Yes and Marillion for sure but also the German side of prog with groups like Neu and Egg.  I have given any Prog Metal you have suggested a big thumbs up.  Symphony X, Dream Theater and even Queensryche all have nice thumbs held high.

Adding Voivod was a bit of a bad idea, sure I love them but it added a bit too much metal to the station.  I like my Thrash but this station I want to keep progressive, like an episode of Stone Trek.  I think liking Opeth may have also confused you.  I understand they were heavy and went weird so you didn't know I enjoyed just the art rock stuff.

But Champagne Supernova what the fuck is that Pandora.  Is that Muse or Oasis?  God what the hell do you think of me?   Perhaps this is because of the Peter Gabriel?  Understand he once sang for Genesis and has always maintained a bit of the progressive sound I enjoy.  Oasis my God it's personally insulting!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Movie Review: Last Knights

I rented Last Knights starring Clive Owen a few days ago and wanted to throw up a few quick thoughts.  It was alright, with good action but a little slow in getting there.  The presentation was good, with nothing feeling hoaky as some indie action movies have a tendency.  The design of things was a little confusing, often seeming an amalgam of ancient, modern , eastern and western.

The story seemed something akin to 47 ronin.  A lord is disgraced and his retainers seek revenge by storming a fortress is the general outline of the story.  That would have been cool but there is a fair amount of time spent on the commander of the forces proving he is a broken man who has fallen into drinking and whoring.  That could have been a bit shorter, but it at least felt convincing.

The actually attack on Gezza Motts , read bad guy, fortress could have been longer or filmed with a bit more impact.  I didn't really have much concern when on of the good guys died and non when baddies did.  I am not sure but some of the sets seemed to be the same as A Game of Thrones and there was a water skin that looked the same as Sandor Cleganes.  That was a

All in all sort of a meh.  I have seen worse movies, Solomon Kane comes to mind.  This is not as good as Children of Men though. 
bit distracting.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Original New York Seltzer Back Soon

Well apparently they have heard our players!  Original New York Seltzer is coming back!  I have very few details other than this facebook link https://www.facebook.com/Originalnewyorkseltzer?

They actually showed up in a comment to one of my previous posts about trying to recreate this stuff.  I contacted them and they said my new home of Washington should get some.  Looks like most of the west coast will as well, I see a post saying California will have ONYS.

I know i am going to probably buy out all the vanilla cream and raspberry they have.  I will probably grab one of each and pass some around to friends actually.

I am looking for more info on when and exactly where.  I am ready to get my eager hands one some I may even bring a cooler to get it chilling right away.  I will keep looking and update when i can.  I know that post got some ongoing interest and I will help with any info I can.  

Right now i need to console myself with memories of peeling of the Styrofoam label and pulling out the semi perforated tabs on the caps.  My weird habit as a kid.