Monday, April 06, 2015

Original New York Seltzer Back Soon

Well apparently they have heard our players!  Original New York Seltzer is coming back!  I have very few details other than this facebook link

They actually showed up in a comment to one of my previous posts about trying to recreate this stuff.  I contacted them and they said my new home of Washington should get some.  Looks like most of the west coast will as well, I see a post saying California will have ONYS.

I know i am going to probably buy out all the vanilla cream and raspberry they have.  I will probably grab one of each and pass some around to friends actually.

I am looking for more info on when and exactly where.  I am ready to get my eager hands one some I may even bring a cooler to get it chilling right away.  I will keep looking and update when i can.  I know that post got some ongoing interest and I will help with any info I can.  

Right now i need to console myself with memories of peeling of the Styrofoam label and pulling out the semi perforated tabs on the caps.  My weird habit as a kid.

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