Monday, March 30, 2015

Wonderous Stories

Well being a gamer I have finally realized I need to find a game.  Think we have started to be all set up in the house.  Now something feels like it is missing in various places in my families lives.  I have been intentionally staying away from online gaming as it takes too much time for the reward it gives me. I even deleted Svegrund on Khyber server for D&D Online. But a table top game sounds great.

I am been trying to reach out the through but have yet to hear anything.   The funny thing for me is you almost have to be looking for a relationship when hunting a gaming group.  I often say i am looking for something Fun but Serious.  Which sort of means i want to role-play but a few jokes are great.  What I am actually trying to get at is I want to play with folks who are not drunk or on drugs.

So with everyone shocked and outraged I should probably explain.  I am a black and white sort of person and endeavor to be so.  I was raised up in the 80's with the just say no to drugs thing going on. For me drugs are out of the question and even being around pot smoke makes me very uncomfortable.  If pot was a pill I may not feel so weird but I don't even want to smell it.  I would say whatever for other folks partaking but not in a game.  I want to be playing with people active and contributing to the whole.  I'm a game snob i guess.

Well it makes hunting for a game a bit of a challenge.  It this point I am even considering games I actively dislike.  If you are in Vancouver Washington and have an extra seat at the table, maybe give me a comment or email at

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