Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This is my friend Dittmer he is the wizard of meat

I have mentioned my struggles with food here in the Great North West in my previous post.  I had an experience today that clarified to me whats wrong here. 

Often I am shocked at how much cheaper food is here, but they just give you crap.  I paid 7.99 for a turkey sandwich I could have made at home today.  It was on some bland ass bread they tried to pass off as sourdough.  I want a sourdough roll, homes!  I want a kick ass sausage you made from scratch!  I want Dittmers!

I am sure I am not going to the fantastic foodie places Portland has to offer, since I have no idea where to go.  But!  So far nothing has been a place that makes me want to make a special trip.  I think some of this may be the parking situation dictates you walk.  But also nothing here haunts my nights with vision of awesome lunch.  I am never sated with deliciousness!

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