Monday, April 16, 2007

Where the hell ive ended up on this glary random day

Some hours late in the day found myself wandering unhappily through how i spent my time. Again it's as though i waste the time i mean to put on my intentions. And afterwords have little to show with even less pride. Here well after I'm drawing dead against reshaping the day. Wondering what Heroines would think of those that take them for muse. Watching eyes dreaming as they may, wondering how much is seen.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Men of Station

Rain is tearing the rest of the evening to shreds while we are watching from the window on the second floor Hiding from eyes in a room we mostly forget set with awe as the grey spills across walls and chokes us with cold Faces burnt on thoughts of possibilities lost Unity in sorrow becoming singular again each walled form each other leave the nursery

Thursday, April 05, 2007

stranded starfish have no place to hide

these days seem to be reapped in with long grass from the hill side Turned over in my mind and trailing behind Falling like grain through my fingers with little matter how hard i grasp But this is all allusion struggling with words to say im hurt And I feel words are mute with the distance that you are not When its only you and me Im wishing for what we used to be

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns

Ah what the heck was that. It seems i have been neglecting my writing for too long. All that comes out is weak sauce indeed. Whats with all the alliteration i start with? Is that my style or a bad habit I have fallen into?

Mid sentence rhyming! Hardly Complex! Meter is non existent in my work but this truly throws it out the door.

I am talking about something has surfaced time and again in my mind. Some past summer day in a park above my house, Santa Teresa. It is changed and reworked in memory and light floods in making it all hard to see. At least this is what is going on in my head. And I am working through thoughts of time spend at this place even before the memory. Working out that even in the memory it has changed and is not the place i am looking for. That is what i am trying and failing at capturing. Seems like its been floating in me for ages and I cant get it out.

Perhaps i will work with the "of the unknown" idea in the future. What is going on with that is recollection of a series of dreams I have. The seem linked by a common thread of time and mutable yet congruent dream scape. Also hidden in the dream idea i can work through certain darker ideas I struggle with.

Well that is it for now. Drop a reply if you get a chance, i wonder who sees this crap.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Peach Blossom and Bitter Almond

Through all this light i can barely see whats moving through the trees. Its warm dull and sweet in the moments seeming unfitfully long as if druged with peach blossom and bitter Almond. Eyes close to rest devouring towers in the west, thou wide again. Aware days grown thin. Gone are ghosts i can't divine, i'll leave with specters only mine.