Monday, April 16, 2007

Where the hell ive ended up on this glary random day

Some hours late in the day found myself wandering unhappily through how i spent my time. Again it's as though i waste the time i mean to put on my intentions. And afterwords have little to show with even less pride. Here well after I'm drawing dead against reshaping the day. Wondering what Heroines would think of those that take them for muse. Watching eyes dreaming as they may, wondering how much is seen.

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b.m. said...

I guess you've ended up at the same place a brazilian poet has. It will not be a good translation, but here it goes: the poet listen to the song of a swallow. She says: "I've let my day go easy, ive let my day go easy". The poet answers: "Swallow, I have a sadder song: i've let my life go easy".
(from sad, i don't know if it's right)
My translation sucks. Forgive me. Here the original:

Andorinha lá fora está dizendo:
— "Passei o dia à toa, à toa!"

Andorinha, andorinha, minha cantiga é mais triste!
Passei a vida à toa, à toa . . .

The name of the author is Manuel Bandeira.