Monday, April 30, 2012


Little one I am sorry for these fears. I am sorry you have doubt when you are so young.  I always wanted to give you sure footing but the world isn't that way and to you it is cruel. It has decided to acquaint you early with sorrow that it shouldn't.  There are some sad lives that live one happy all their days, that will look on us bewildered when we speak.  The winch you and I will give knowing pain will not be something they will understand. Perhaps you will sit aside feeling odd and alone as I have.  Somehow unbelieving at how they can't understand. 

A few words written for my daughter.  She will not understand now but maybe when she is older and more able to understand what she feels it will have more meaning

Friday, April 27, 2012

solitude aeturnus

lift up my anger
and wash it away.
Drown our the fire.
tell me you'll stay!

give hope the morning?
Dear love tonight
don't be silent.
Hurt me if we fight.

Tear and claw
break me be done.
then ever love me
until breaking sun

Give me growing old
And all the in between years

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lost for Words

This pleasant ambivalence
Will not sustain.
Of halfhearted inquiries
and shallow refrain.

We or us exist
Only with disdain.
revolving in fortnights
pinned by a silly game.

That is mine
fly wide on our own.
We've had enough
hands bit to bone.

No broken heart memory
binds me to your throne!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tonight the Sky

Flowering trees stir against darkening skies and breath out their screams. This day started hollow and cold and ends the brave skulking low.  Those held up in golden bright halls cower down, lay low bold man! Ruin a watchword for them come to call. So the Scarecrow speaks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roleplaying Game Musings a couple of influences

I guess i am going out on a limb with this one as I have yet to do any related fiction for this topic.  But let me go into some of the influences of my game world E'his.  Much of the game goes back to my mistaken vision of the Digest publishing group's aborted A.I. project.  That was an early nineties attempt at trans humanism in an almost feudal setting.  Really there is pretty limited resources on the game but in years past I got in touch with Joe Fugate who was sort of the head of DGP before Roger Sanger.  With chatted back and forth for a bit on what the game was intended to be.  While the setting was very different the nearest modern equivalent is Eclipse Phase.

Eclipse phase is a funny game in that it reveals the funny and dark secrets of role playing.  Those being everyone tends to play the same damn character again and again; and secondly character death often means you create a new character who assumes the same goals as the first.  This is because people often want to play some idealized version of self and the campaign sets goals rather than characters in most cases. It does this by presenting the self as an OS you can install into a body called a morph.

I wanted to steal, ugh borrow, this concept and see what I could do with it in a fantasy setting.  The cheap version of this would be hey I'm an elf now I am a dwarf or whatever.  I wanted to use something of a biological blank perhaps like the sholanti out of Jorune.  This seemed a little juicier from a rpg perspective and could allow for more morphology later.

One of the elements of Eclipse phase that is challenging for me is injecting fear when you can reload your character.  I just wanted to avoid this problem as you would almost need to force a soul into some inanimate object to be real punishment in that game.  I wanted to avoid this by using more of a rigger analog out of shadowrun.  The character physically inactive while the morph active and going.  Perhaps in the case of old age or great physical injury. 

The mechanism that jumped out at me was sleep as I was always intending a matrix like dream lands inspire by the french RPG Reve dream of dragons.  Again I am stealing, err borrowing.  As I have not read that book I am left with my impressions from reviews and what limited material i have seen.

The "animus" the player would be loaded into would be biological in nature and would amplify the dreamers control over the physical world, but only with regard to the linked sholanti like morph.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sample rules part 16 the Beltinovites

When working on the concept for the beltinovites, I wanted something sort of filling the erudite role from Everquest.  That is to say an intelligent but fragile race, well suited to magic.  This is sort of the grey alien like advanced human that is present in science fiction. 

I wanted to not present something that was far superior and enslaved the standard human but perhaps had tried and failed sometime past.  Thus creating a group that while no longer in power may have some natural conflict with other groups. 

Within the game back story I have never wanted the Beltinovite to be children of the architect as it were, but rather some sort of natural evolution of humans.  I wanted them to have their own creation myths that often make claims that directly contradict other creation stories.  I am not saying they are in fact correct but the Beltinovites believe them as true.

From a physical perspective the beltinovites are generally short and slender; perhaps around five feet tall with light builds.  They have dexterous hands and large heads.  Along with this, they bear some elements of their trans human heritage.  They are generally not prone to disease and are long lived by human standards.  Some family lines bear more isolated modifications.  adaptation to non standard environmental condition is present in some lineages.

If put into Pathfinder terms they would look something like this.

Racial Traits

    +4 Intelligence, –2 strength: The beltinovites are intelligent but poorly adapted to physical labor.
Small: Beltinovites are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus (CMB) and Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD), and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Cultural skills: The Beltinovites have +2 to all knowledge skills.
Cultural feats:  Beltinovites can take special feats related to their particular morphology. 

A poem based on The Band's "the Weight"

I feel there is more to this and it would go darker than it is now.   I will probably give it some work on the drive home and get back to it later.  But hearing The Weight played by the band so much this came out.  I guess all the radio stations are playing that song due to Levon Helm's death.  I tried to do something like song lyrics.  This would sort of work on a low key down beat shuffle if you want to put it on top of a song.  It am thinking something like The Weight

Stay your hand,
I'll do it in my own time.
Your aching for vengeance
I feel the pains of mine. 

Take down your halo
if you're throwing the first stone. 
It will do you good
to break these here bones.

Rest here a minute
You see them bottle in the trees
She once tied them there
When she still loved me

I'm ain't your rival
I'm broke just like you
but kick my teeth in
If it's what you need to do

Soon she'll be coming
I see her every day
She ain't coming back
I see her everyday

Threw down my gun
I'm a coward or I'd turn on me
See it sitting there
Under the hanging tree

Soon she'll be coming
I see her every day
You say I shot her
Maybe it's true what you say

I ain't been a good man
But I thought she was mine
Trying to hold her
I sure made a mess this time

Soon she'll be coming
I see her every day
She ain't coming back
I see her everyday

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sample rules 15 the Canisthratu

when working up the Canisthartu I was looking for something of a bestial race that felt interesting to me.  I am not a fan of anthropomorphic settings so I wanted to do something that wasn't a furry.  The look of the Canid race is not meant to be typical fantasy fare but more of a partially changed werewolf. A horrible and broken race, I drew some of the inspiration for look from a doctor who episode, I want to say Mind warp or something like that. Perhaps the nearest illustration i have seen is from Wayne Barlowes site.  It was something he was working on for a film.  It gets at the furlessness I wanted.

The Canisthratu are looked into an eternal struggle with the Green folk for control of the forest.  They are no like the green folk who have altered the forest for their own need.  They are seldom work to change their environment as they feel a need to weather it in respect.  They prefer to sleep outdoor with nature regardless of rain or heat. As such they are not builders but have constructed monolithic structures at sites of great importance.

Most of the Canisthratu dress in light sable leathers or hides in cold climates. Not fond or ornamentation they usually pack themselves for utility.  Many of their tools and weapons include a long heavy grip and pommel that is used for their on all fours running.  They are also known for the use of a dagger and chain weapon which is used to tip foes, named the theotla.

The Canisthratu are a stooped people though they would be tall if brought up to full height.  They move as a man and a dog at times.   They are flee footed, sturdy and able to pull all their strength from their muscles.

The faith of the Canisthratu resolves around elder shaman versed in blood medicine.  Much of their ritual magic involves blood sacrifice and the consecration and connection to the land.  They shamen use a set of obsidian finger blades called the shrike. As a rule the shamen are drawn from weaker stalk except from the Gaurall clan.  In all other clans shamen are acompanied by the Mergoff, a body guard of sorts. The Mergoff is always a heavy brutal warrior well capable of protecting the shamen but also serve as a source of blood for the rituals they cast.  The Mergoff is known for his many scares and wicket blade of station.  The weapon is a curved khopesh like weapon formed of wood, biomancy and obsidian.

Racial Traits

        +2 con +2 wis
    -2 dex they are strong but often clumsy in non Canisthratu settings.  They are aware of their surroundings
    +4 Save vs trip
        Cultural skills: +2 track bonus to stealth and hide skills

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Navigate the Seas of the Sun part 2. A poor attempt to complete something old

Upon crystal cathedrals of the deeps
the silence brightly gleams
upon the mountains with fearful speed
through redwood estates to Holy Cities

of shattered glass where
stories forgotten scream
Of foolish invested children
with knives and fire raised

In the heroic dawns
of their lives spent storied lies
Down the rabbit holes
with flea market blades

Some sad little dream
of danger, taught against the sky
One raised up wrong
unable to quit childish days

Stammering fear for
this common disloyal world
creeps about the spine
wishing to be normal and fine

Ugly arrows of cruel words
Against his banner uncurled

Sample rules part 14 the Vrehalija

Having written so much fiction for the game project I have been working on I figure I should try to address some of the races I have talked about more mechanically.  I have written some of the Vrehalija a sand pilot named Ooshinahope.  I wanted to talk more generally about my concepts for his people.

While I am trying to infuse the game with it's own character and style, this race draws pretty heavily from the High Human concept that is present in many games.  I wanted them to fill the roles of both character and potentially villain so I feel that progressive disdain for the primal suits them.

In game terms they are the corrected Caz'zit made tall and strong limbed.  They are as strong and hearty as human, nimble and quick footed.  I would view them as average or someone above average on these attributes, but never reaching exceedingly high levels of aptitude. They are well spoken and charismatic.  Their minds are rugged and resistant, with even the young wise beyond their years.  One element that betrays their Cazz'it heritage is their dark almost scaled skin.

The dress and customs of the people were sort of a mix of Comanche and feudal Japanese.  My idea is to fuse the Comanche leaderless Nation less structure with the courts of the samurai.  So having roles and even titles come into being and cease to be depending on the time of year.  A high chief of the winter court may only perform meager roles in the summer for example.  The dress would be the kimono somehow reworked in leather and beads.

While most of the Vrehalija are pilots, horsemen and caravaneers some have taken to the cities.  There is some worry that they will be overtaking the Cazz'it position of prominence.

The most common weapon of the Vrehalija is a riding lance sort of a heavy spear.  They are also known for a particular type of horned war maul or tetsubo. It is a long heavy ended weapon used while mounted.

If put into Pathfinder terms they would look something like this.

Racial Traits

        All physical traits must be between 10 and 14 (the point purchase method of creation is best used for creating Vrehalija heroes)
    +2 to Wisdom
    Cultural skills: +2 racial bonus to Pilot and ride skills

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grand Designs

There is no secret there is you though.  There is a person who can affirm or deny the life that is lived.  You can accept or deny the treatment others give you but staying or walking away.  You can work at what you love, even if hidden in the deep of night after the work day is done.  You can treat others well and find those who do so in return. Keep them close and work at those friendships, they are the ones of some worth.  You can love and expect it returned, I wouldn't waste my time if it was not.  But remember some of us are slow in understanding and slower in  showing love.  Give us slow ones some extra time, it's often worth it.  You are beautiful care for those who are not.  Work hard even if it comes easy nothing great ever came by waiting.  Set things right even if hard or you would rather not get involved.  Justice doesn't just happen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a poem for my QA brothers and sisters

The waiting and wondering
The validating the slumbering
Another build dev doesn't test
Not one bug laid to rest

Did you try the math
there would be no bug if you hath
Did you even read the page
Half German half french i rage

The button maybe you could click
Work this quality you look like a prick
Jira says it's fixed i can test
but you want a couple days rest

Don't look til design as a peek
Your testing to early you freak
On hand off I only have an hour to look
How is QA always on the hook?

Song of Ice and fire and Alignment

In watching and reading the Song of Ice and fire series, I have noticed a much more realistic portrayal of alignment than in the AD&D/Pathfinder system.  Now anyone who has played another role playing game will tell you Alignment is seldom used elsewhere.  But it is a very key component of the most popular game on the market so lets talk about it a bit.

In the song of ice and fire book series, you see characters who's view point shifts based on situation.  Broadly characters without power are often forced to more desperate acts.   You see Tyrion working to make sure justice is carried out in his role as Hand of the King.  Making sure certain character responsible for the fall of the Starks are punished.  After losing power after the battle on the river he is a much more desperate and self focused character.  Similarly the character of Ned Stark perhaps the most honest and straight forward of  characters in the series.  In the north this is a valued quality but in Kings Landing it is the key to his undoing.  You also see Sansa quickly learning discretion is the only way she can survive.

In our games the paladin often detects evil with a simple yes or no response.  This really doesn't get down to the heart of the situation for most of the creatures we deal with.  We ran into a giant who while evil really seemed just to want booze.  He situational alignment may have been thirsty and thinks we were an easy target.  Most bestial monsters would probably fall under the category of Hungry or defending its territory.

Perhaps the paladins auto detect could be changed with a take 20, sense motive check instead.  This would allow for better response from the DM should they be willing to invest the work.  Really i think getting rid of the alignment system would be fine.  But you have a couple of spells that target based off alignment that would become useless.

Having written this i feel a little bit cheap, selling something and not delivering.  I wanted to give something a little more in keeping with the title.   I am adding some of my own thoughts character alignment

Lawful Good Characters: Ned Stark, Davos Seaworth, Jeor Mormont,
Lawful neutral characters: Stannis Baratheon, Baristan Selmy (tends toward good), Kevan Lannister
Lawful Evil Character: Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Little Finger

Neutral Good: John Snow, Robb Stark (tends toward lawful),Catelyn Stark, Bran
Neutral: Tyrion Lannister (tends toward good with power), Sansa Stark, Most Southern lords that turn to house Lannister after Renly's death.
Neutral Evil: Cersi Lannister (tends toward lawful or at least understands the value of it), Vargo Hoat, Walder Frey,

Chaotic Good: Beric Dondarian, Brothers without Banners (early), Lem Lemoncloak, Mance Rayder, Thoros, Danny (Tends toward neutral)
Chaotic Neutral: Jamie Lannister , Arya Stark ( tends toward good), The Hound, Robert Baratheon, ygritte, Oberon Martel
Chaotic Evil: Gregor Clegane, Joffrey, Bloody mummers, Ramsay Snow

Monday, April 16, 2012

A poem for the hillside

to the hidden woods where
the  lost can stay
dark during the day. 

Cold and hid away
from the torpid sun,
that rings the days. 

In the held fast twilight
linger the autumn souls
of old and whimsy. 

The swindling works
become wild dreams
in generations ahead.

Strange pages seldom read
Maidens and flowers
Elder gods waiting dead

Bright wings away
with wonder.
No point to stay

Gap upon the tiger
Dull in the night
only smolders an ember

Away distant dreamer
Greet this busy day
soon comes another anyway

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A poem of past pain

Dear child in your sickness
you squall and don't understand
But where does it lead
when you finally become a man

Strike down the rage
it will go when we're bones
Answers don't come so
Rage against those enthroned

Give her heart a turn
And your safe, so you call it home
except wide eye mornings
where nothing fits in as shone

Drive to lands in black and white
Where the built decays glorious
And your past lifts up
Memories sung up in Chorus

Turn off the machines
them dead but giving life
All coming back cool
swollen; hurts like a knife

Failed filtration more time
we'll need next run
Shallowed breathing blood
This isn't any fun

Friday, April 13, 2012

A poem written of want and need

This is a poem written out of want and need.  Something that comes out with listening to the voice and timbers of  a particular reader on youtube.

Lift me up from this realm
of coke cans and scheming
That sits over the vales of import. 
Birth in my sight
visions of Cartesian curves
that replicate the land. 
Give me peace in the fostered dark
that comes with the lonely
and dies with the bark. 
Give me my beloved hound
to depend only upon me when I'm down.
Call back the banner men
Set a feast within the hall
Deny this wasting land
All paper and Marlow's needs
Speak of summer and idealism
in glades lost and wonder returned
Drape me in Nicene's arms
with her voice and fragrant breeze
Let dawn strike my sleep
And drive me upon the land
Pleasant dreamt towers
looming above heavenly grand

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 4

To the flurry of slashes the cleaver waited.  The blows avoided by the heavy blade drawing back always between the razor of shell and the cowled foe.  When finally it was lifted the cleaver fell not against Grahh'na but his blade.  Down down with shattering force the cleaver bit and broke the delicate razor. Grahh'na recoiled with a how of rage.

His hunting blade destroyed the canisthratu threw up the remains of a low table between himself and the cowled foe.  It gave him time to retrieve a set of obsidian paw blades from a hip pouch.  His people called these the shrike blades as they looked something like a birds claw when worn on the fingers.  Grahh'na had them in place by the cowled figures next attack.

The rhythm of the battle slowed, each waiting for the other to call the new cadence.  The foe came with a far slash which Grahh'na tried to exploit and close in.  The wild attack seemed almost an invitation as the cowled figure fought off the claw with the thick forte of his blade.  Grahh'na loosed his frustration in the failure of the attack.  Sinking his shrike blades deep into the meat of his leg he drew out tendrils of blood.  Swaying for a moment with the incantation the blood floated into the form of circle then finally fell.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 3

The blade vipered forward when the violence finally awoke. Speeding through the rooms thick air fluid as fabric streaming on a wand. This did not bite it found nothingness though it was again driven forward in attach.  lunging again and again as a spear hunting for a pinned trophy. 

The figure moved as if swimming about the room but with quickness unheard of. Seldom the blade found a bit of cloth and tore into it but never drove home.  The same can not be said of this unseen opponents blows.  I hewed down upon Grahh'na measuring its attacks to find sound openings for each slash and thrust.  Grahh'na felt the wounds though they were not so savage as to affect the heavy Canisthratu tracker.  Still he bled.

The opponent fought with a heavy iron cleaver and as they fought Grahh'na found more of his foe visible.  He cuts tore away at the cowl until he could see the man's flesh.  He thought man but that was wrong, what was this.  The flesh was taught across the face with no eye nor face. The mask was cut free at the mouth and a row of teeth shown through.  The flesh was white and cream not the color of flesh but afterbirth or entrails. Yet at times veins inked with vibrant color, almost rising an falling with the creatures rage.

Monday, April 09, 2012

W.B. Yates inspired poem

A journey to tackle other voices comes and falls on Yates.  This is closer but still overly wordy in the small works I look to remove from my own voice.  I want to add them only when I must, not bask in them like this.

I come to the taught words
The last ones of failed grace
The supposed languid season
saying well past their welcome
The Dried and brittle word
dissolving in it's own weight

Ignored resplendent climes
Only turmored souls note
Down in the welted heat
sticky and sickly sweat
Nevermore nighttime rain
perhaps when winter again

A draught never more wanted
than in prohibition fits
or this quaking waking dark

Sunday, April 08, 2012

W.H. Auden inspired poem

I guess this is what you get when i listen to Auden.  I don't know about it.  This feels more of something I used to write than the way express myself now.  I don't know about the pastoral roman goods of the twenties poets.  I feel foolish using them, i tried it but doesn't seem right.  I would be more comfortable calling down Odin, but that just seems like I am invoking Dungeons and Dragons rather than some fantastic empowering of the here and now.

Simple in the command
lay before me a golden land
Hone edges wanting bone
Call to seabirds I am alone

Wake up the morning
It sleeps too Late
Silent pained waking I hate
midnight in the longing dark

Stupored child at the park
Break your bottles
bleed out your veins
Cry in terror or growing pains

Here the sun bears no light
On emptiness falls delight
Engines and Hephaestus
find unison and hum

Glowing embers there are none
Bow you failing storefront
Yield your pride
Surrender to commerce; Hide!

Down to the pillows
I'm shattered and tired soar
Batter me again, no! no more!
Beggaring hope, a couple days

Leave the mirror broken
no difference these days

Friday, April 06, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 2

The Canisthratu let his paws fall hard and firm,giving in to defeat.  Grahh'na now moved sure and quickly driving a multitude of black wings as he went.  Dark albatross turned to carrion generations past, now wicked and evil birds cried in protest but flew on craven.  He clasped the wide grip of his running blade and ventured ever on.

Walking farther into the galleries and choking air Grahh'na began to see small tokens of the lost.  Driving further he walked amongst the treasures of an elder age.  Drawing deep into the spine of the breast he found a dark set of chambers still dressed in the days of old.  The glare dimmed he enter the room as if it were his own.  In his quiet moments he became aware of a second breath.

His hands moved along the running blades delicate razor of shell, testing.  Grahh'na moved slow hands and limbs falling into a tail guard, which almost invited attack.  But non came only light.  Burning crystals awoke with light and floated aloft.  Framed and ringed by the stones a figure dwelling dark and silent.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

A tale of the Cunisthratu

where once the noble gossamer banners danced wind borne now they decayed silent and still.  The grand arches once blushed in a thousand hues now just bone bleached white. Here the grand seat of power of a long forgot line was ground into the sea.  Few in E'his remembered the sea as it was, flowing rejuvenate and free.  But here the sea remained, if caustic and biting.

Grahh'na lifted each paw slowly and looked a moment before placing the other.  Scanning the pitted ground for footing hard and firm.  Hunting for steps with no groaning whisper of his passing.  He was no scout but all of his people knew to move quietly.  They held to the silence of hunters, so he moved on his pace slowed to an infants crawl.

Yet even padding feet crunched and chipped at the floor below.  It was ancient bone all about. Every wall, ceiling and floor one immense bone.  Each the same and stretching for miles these gallery rooms, which yawned opened on every side.  A spanning back bone grown like a great beast, here upon this spot. This was the first of the great living construct birthed with a future even now not well understood.  A great gift the Architect set at their feet but this new god was not kind.

Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid

I love progressive rock, my favorite Yes track is And You and I.  I never knew other people did until a few days ago, when watching a documentary.  They were talking about ABWH playing that song and the crowd going insane.  Well  in listening and listening to the song over a couple days this is what comes out of me.

The chord struck we fall into time
differences settle down to rhyme
Call forth Dreamer the ocean is made
Rise again your joy lost to grave

Simple and light let your song be
Bird song dreamer sing your harmony
Your life your journey all now see
Broken eyes mend upon thee

Regard us well under your name
All we want looms the same
Give us song well up an accord
Take these words as reward

Listen for us we can not see
Dream for us Dreamer be free

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A guide to flow tricks for the 101 freeway in the silicon valley

In driving on the mean streets of the silicon valley I am sure you will notice there are weird instances where traffic makes no fucking logic.  I can remember the first instance I noticed of this was when I would drive to my job in Los Gatos from my parents house in evergreen.  This was before 85 was completed so I took 101 to 280/680 and then 17.  After you get past downtown there is a gyre of traffic badness that often requires three lane switches in just a few miles for optimum flow.

Driving home from my current place of employ I usually take 101 the whole way.  This takes me from Ellis out to Coyote Valley.  Driving this I have watched and watched how the slow lane often becomes the fast lane and then turns into a traffic jam later on.  At first I could just not wrap my head around this.  At first you want to blame your fellow drivers and driving through Evergreen you are going to be right.  Sorry Evergreeners I understand they overdeveloped your area with regard to the freeway connections but you also drive like fucking pricks.

What I began to see was a pattern of traffic as a stream with hidden obstructions underwater that were driving traffic.  This was closer to the truth but certainly a flawed view of things.  There is nothing under the road that effects us barring some small driving changes based on road quality.  What I have come to see traffic flow as being like is the vascular system.  With off and on ramps representing the smaller connecting capillaries.

So in looking at our freeway system you will notice the larger connections to a given freeway act as a place of vascular resistance.  There are exceptions here due to the drivers free will but generally any major connection is going to be a location many drivers will want to drive to.  When driving you are going to want to opt for a more traditional fast lane placement as the exiting lanes are unable to handle the flow they are being given and back up.

For non prominent exits these take pressure more naturally and therefore the slow lane now speeds up having just lost traffic density.  You are going to want to take advantage of this relationship.

That is basically it in theory, more generally it could be said traffic is caused by civil engineering fuck up that constantly fail to account for the number of cars on the road.

I wasn't going to detail my route in case no one realized I didn't understand what I was talking about and started using this but what the hell.  So for me I get as far to the left on Bayshore as possible when leaving Ellis as the connection too 237 backs up traffic horribly.  From here I see how fast traffic is going, If max flow has not been reached I play it by ear.  When traffic flow tips into a jam I move over to the slow lanes.  I will do this starting around Fair Oaks.  I will continue until in the slow lane until sometime before Lafayette street; where you see Airsoft Extreme.  I am going to stick to the left until just before the cut over to 87/Guadalupe.  I don't want to turn so I am getting over just as soon as the lane clears up so i can go fast.  I am actually going to get into the new left lane that is created when the first street people merge onto 101.  That is going to give you a quarter mile of fast then i hop into the two lane just after The Nimitz (880). 

Starting here i work over back to the fast lane.  I am not sure why but the slow lane really is the slow lane anytime you have a long stretch between exits.  I usually start working toward the slow lane between McKee and 280/680. The Sinclair freeway connection is one of the arterial connections where traffic naturally slows so you do not want to be in the slow lane. BUT! Immediately after the road speeds up after the story exit.  This is one of the best tricks on 101 but you have to be careful.  A stray slow driver will kill this and you have to merge over by the 680 merges onto 101.

Ah now you are in Evergreen and sort of screwed.  Tully takes some traffic but the road work going on is a killer. My best advice is try for the number two lane and ride it half way to Capital expressway. Here work your way to the fast lane.  One you get past the bottleneck you are home free.  Hellyer and Blossom Hill are really nothing and traffic should be nearing max flow at this point.

the last puritan

Don't speak change take your desires and hunt them down with a frightful earnestness.  Set aside the loved for the greater loved for a moment and act.  Fools may cry against possession but nothing well worn and used should fall into other hands.  Find the missing pieces that fit as made with you in mind.  Take the tools that work even if they take you in long paths in their mastery.  Nothing should be magical but well understood and held firmly in mind.  If you understand the long path of hard work, for God's sake walk it.  Take the time to experiment when everything is well in hand, understanding the failures is stronger than knowing what works.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

South side of the Sky

Hold the sun,
let me come
the morning
when you go

Give a word
small accord
we are more
than my dream

Lift the sun
Raise apart
separate hearts
swept to sea

Let your tears fall into the sea
Love leave pieces where they be
Sung with sirens of the wave
Morning will be a dreaded grave

And then I'm done it just isn't moving along and I don't know what to do with it.  It's to twee or something.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Go for a Soda

This is perhaps the lamest video I have ever seen.   I present to you Kim Mitchell go for a soda.  There is nothing negative about Mitchell, well except for those Zumies pants, but OMG what the hell.  I do not recall seeing this on Mtv here in the States.  It looks like something from public access; minus the star wipe panning from scene to scene. 

Where did they get the guy who stars in the video.  It's like they got me to star in a video and erased my memory.  Yes I am saying that guy is as uncool as I am, sorry I hope you have had huge successes in life my doppelganger I know how hard its been for us. 

Again there is nothing with the song, I am down with rocking some Mitchell.   But what the hell is Kim doing after appearing from the television?  He seems to berate the young man for smoking then does a goose step.  Second hand smoke is dangerous but nothing compared to the problems created by fascism.  I am not sure if this project started as a PSA against smoking or as a commercial for store brand generic soda.  With higher production values this could have been endorsed by Coke back in the 80's.   Rather than lets all go to the lobby it could be Kim Mitchell, but alas.  I sort of dream of a Canada that serves beer in their theaters so its probably not an issue. 

I have always have had a wistful fondness of Canada, but this reveals the nations true failing; Video Editing.  Not since Strange Brew have I seen such beauty effects.  Al Di Meoli your horrid guitar fu is cool once more.