Monday, April 02, 2012

Go for a Soda

This is perhaps the lamest video I have ever seen.   I present to you Kim Mitchell go for a soda.  There is nothing negative about Mitchell, well except for those Zumies pants, but OMG what the hell.  I do not recall seeing this on Mtv here in the States.  It looks like something from public access; minus the star wipe panning from scene to scene. 

Where did they get the guy who stars in the video.  It's like they got me to star in a video and erased my memory.  Yes I am saying that guy is as uncool as I am, sorry I hope you have had huge successes in life my doppelganger I know how hard its been for us. 

Again there is nothing with the song, I am down with rocking some Mitchell.   But what the hell is Kim doing after appearing from the television?  He seems to berate the young man for smoking then does a goose step.  Second hand smoke is dangerous but nothing compared to the problems created by fascism.  I am not sure if this project started as a PSA against smoking or as a commercial for store brand generic soda.  With higher production values this could have been endorsed by Coke back in the 80's.   Rather than lets all go to the lobby it could be Kim Mitchell, but alas.  I sort of dream of a Canada that serves beer in their theaters so its probably not an issue. 

I have always have had a wistful fondness of Canada, but this reveals the nations true failing; Video Editing.  Not since Strange Brew have I seen such beauty effects.  Al Di Meoli your horrid guitar fu is cool once more.

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