Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grand Designs

There is no secret there is you though.  There is a person who can affirm or deny the life that is lived.  You can accept or deny the treatment others give you but staying or walking away.  You can work at what you love, even if hidden in the deep of night after the work day is done.  You can treat others well and find those who do so in return. Keep them close and work at those friendships, they are the ones of some worth.  You can love and expect it returned, I wouldn't waste my time if it was not.  But remember some of us are slow in understanding and slower in  showing love.  Give us slow ones some extra time, it's often worth it.  You are beautiful care for those who are not.  Work hard even if it comes easy nothing great ever came by waiting.  Set things right even if hard or you would rather not get involved.  Justice doesn't just happen.

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