Friday, April 13, 2012

A poem written of want and need

This is a poem written out of want and need.  Something that comes out with listening to the voice and timbers of  a particular reader on youtube.

Lift me up from this realm
of coke cans and scheming
That sits over the vales of import. 
Birth in my sight
visions of Cartesian curves
that replicate the land. 
Give me peace in the fostered dark
that comes with the lonely
and dies with the bark. 
Give me my beloved hound
to depend only upon me when I'm down.
Call back the banner men
Set a feast within the hall
Deny this wasting land
All paper and Marlow's needs
Speak of summer and idealism
in glades lost and wonder returned
Drape me in Nicene's arms
with her voice and fragrant breeze
Let dawn strike my sleep
And drive me upon the land
Pleasant dreamt towers
looming above heavenly grand

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