Thursday, April 05, 2012

A tale of the Cunisthratu

where once the noble gossamer banners danced wind borne now they decayed silent and still.  The grand arches once blushed in a thousand hues now just bone bleached white. Here the grand seat of power of a long forgot line was ground into the sea.  Few in E'his remembered the sea as it was, flowing rejuvenate and free.  But here the sea remained, if caustic and biting.

Grahh'na lifted each paw slowly and looked a moment before placing the other.  Scanning the pitted ground for footing hard and firm.  Hunting for steps with no groaning whisper of his passing.  He was no scout but all of his people knew to move quietly.  They held to the silence of hunters, so he moved on his pace slowed to an infants crawl.

Yet even padding feet crunched and chipped at the floor below.  It was ancient bone all about. Every wall, ceiling and floor one immense bone.  Each the same and stretching for miles these gallery rooms, which yawned opened on every side.  A spanning back bone grown like a great beast, here upon this spot. This was the first of the great living construct birthed with a future even now not well understood.  A great gift the Architect set at their feet but this new god was not kind.

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