Thursday, April 05, 2012

Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid

I love progressive rock, my favorite Yes track is And You and I.  I never knew other people did until a few days ago, when watching a documentary.  They were talking about ABWH playing that song and the crowd going insane.  Well  in listening and listening to the song over a couple days this is what comes out of me.

The chord struck we fall into time
differences settle down to rhyme
Call forth Dreamer the ocean is made
Rise again your joy lost to grave

Simple and light let your song be
Bird song dreamer sing your harmony
Your life your journey all now see
Broken eyes mend upon thee

Regard us well under your name
All we want looms the same
Give us song well up an accord
Take these words as reward

Listen for us we can not see
Dream for us Dreamer be free

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