Thursday, April 12, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 4

To the flurry of slashes the cleaver waited.  The blows avoided by the heavy blade drawing back always between the razor of shell and the cowled foe.  When finally it was lifted the cleaver fell not against Grahh'na but his blade.  Down down with shattering force the cleaver bit and broke the delicate razor. Grahh'na recoiled with a how of rage.

His hunting blade destroyed the canisthratu threw up the remains of a low table between himself and the cowled foe.  It gave him time to retrieve a set of obsidian paw blades from a hip pouch.  His people called these the shrike blades as they looked something like a birds claw when worn on the fingers.  Grahh'na had them in place by the cowled figures next attack.

The rhythm of the battle slowed, each waiting for the other to call the new cadence.  The foe came with a far slash which Grahh'na tried to exploit and close in.  The wild attack seemed almost an invitation as the cowled figure fought off the claw with the thick forte of his blade.  Grahh'na loosed his frustration in the failure of the attack.  Sinking his shrike blades deep into the meat of his leg he drew out tendrils of blood.  Swaying for a moment with the incantation the blood floated into the form of circle then finally fell.

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