Friday, April 20, 2012

Sample rules 15 the Canisthratu

when working up the Canisthartu I was looking for something of a bestial race that felt interesting to me.  I am not a fan of anthropomorphic settings so I wanted to do something that wasn't a furry.  The look of the Canid race is not meant to be typical fantasy fare but more of a partially changed werewolf. A horrible and broken race, I drew some of the inspiration for look from a doctor who episode, I want to say Mind warp or something like that. Perhaps the nearest illustration i have seen is from Wayne Barlowes site.  It was something he was working on for a film.  It gets at the furlessness I wanted.

The Canisthratu are looked into an eternal struggle with the Green folk for control of the forest.  They are no like the green folk who have altered the forest for their own need.  They are seldom work to change their environment as they feel a need to weather it in respect.  They prefer to sleep outdoor with nature regardless of rain or heat. As such they are not builders but have constructed monolithic structures at sites of great importance.

Most of the Canisthratu dress in light sable leathers or hides in cold climates. Not fond or ornamentation they usually pack themselves for utility.  Many of their tools and weapons include a long heavy grip and pommel that is used for their on all fours running.  They are also known for the use of a dagger and chain weapon which is used to tip foes, named the theotla.

The Canisthratu are a stooped people though they would be tall if brought up to full height.  They move as a man and a dog at times.   They are flee footed, sturdy and able to pull all their strength from their muscles.

The faith of the Canisthratu resolves around elder shaman versed in blood medicine.  Much of their ritual magic involves blood sacrifice and the consecration and connection to the land.  They shamen use a set of obsidian finger blades called the shrike. As a rule the shamen are drawn from weaker stalk except from the Gaurall clan.  In all other clans shamen are acompanied by the Mergoff, a body guard of sorts. The Mergoff is always a heavy brutal warrior well capable of protecting the shamen but also serve as a source of blood for the rituals they cast.  The Mergoff is known for his many scares and wicket blade of station.  The weapon is a curved khopesh like weapon formed of wood, biomancy and obsidian.

Racial Traits

        +2 con +2 wis
    -2 dex they are strong but often clumsy in non Canisthratu settings.  They are aware of their surroundings
    +4 Save vs trip
        Cultural skills: +2 track bonus to stealth and hide skills

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