Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 3

The blade vipered forward when the violence finally awoke. Speeding through the rooms thick air fluid as fabric streaming on a wand. This did not bite it found nothingness though it was again driven forward in attach.  lunging again and again as a spear hunting for a pinned trophy. 

The figure moved as if swimming about the room but with quickness unheard of. Seldom the blade found a bit of cloth and tore into it but never drove home.  The same can not be said of this unseen opponents blows.  I hewed down upon Grahh'na measuring its attacks to find sound openings for each slash and thrust.  Grahh'na felt the wounds though they were not so savage as to affect the heavy Canisthratu tracker.  Still he bled.

The opponent fought with a heavy iron cleaver and as they fought Grahh'na found more of his foe visible.  He cuts tore away at the cowl until he could see the man's flesh.  He thought man but that was wrong, what was this.  The flesh was taught across the face with no eye nor face. The mask was cut free at the mouth and a row of teeth shown through.  The flesh was white and cream not the color of flesh but afterbirth or entrails. Yet at times veins inked with vibrant color, almost rising an falling with the creatures rage.

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