Friday, April 06, 2012

A tale of the Canisthratu part 2

The Canisthratu let his paws fall hard and firm,giving in to defeat.  Grahh'na now moved sure and quickly driving a multitude of black wings as he went.  Dark albatross turned to carrion generations past, now wicked and evil birds cried in protest but flew on craven.  He clasped the wide grip of his running blade and ventured ever on.

Walking farther into the galleries and choking air Grahh'na began to see small tokens of the lost.  Driving further he walked amongst the treasures of an elder age.  Drawing deep into the spine of the breast he found a dark set of chambers still dressed in the days of old.  The glare dimmed he enter the room as if it were his own.  In his quiet moments he became aware of a second breath.

His hands moved along the running blades delicate razor of shell, testing.  Grahh'na moved slow hands and limbs falling into a tail guard, which almost invited attack.  But non came only light.  Burning crystals awoke with light and floated aloft.  Framed and ringed by the stones a figure dwelling dark and silent.

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