Sunday, April 08, 2012

W.H. Auden inspired poem

I guess this is what you get when i listen to Auden.  I don't know about it.  This feels more of something I used to write than the way express myself now.  I don't know about the pastoral roman goods of the twenties poets.  I feel foolish using them, i tried it but doesn't seem right.  I would be more comfortable calling down Odin, but that just seems like I am invoking Dungeons and Dragons rather than some fantastic empowering of the here and now.

Simple in the command
lay before me a golden land
Hone edges wanting bone
Call to seabirds I am alone

Wake up the morning
It sleeps too Late
Silent pained waking I hate
midnight in the longing dark

Stupored child at the park
Break your bottles
bleed out your veins
Cry in terror or growing pains

Here the sun bears no light
On emptiness falls delight
Engines and Hephaestus
find unison and hum

Glowing embers there are none
Bow you failing storefront
Yield your pride
Surrender to commerce; Hide!

Down to the pillows
I'm shattered and tired soar
Batter me again, no! no more!
Beggaring hope, a couple days

Leave the mirror broken
no difference these days

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