Sunday, October 31, 2004


The side streets there to hide Cut away the contacts and communication She isn't around nor touched this place for years But i find it needing if together only dreamt Broken stone builds ravens closing in Double helix shadows stood now forgot Flooded ward dancing sunlight on wind driven waves Here the windows are broken where once she looked out Final cut phone rings The voice is whispering down the line Feeding into the daydream good to hear the scarecrow is doing fine

I sort of put myself into a mood and place and started going from there. I was thinking about an area of California Street in palo alto which is where the double helix shadow is. From there I had obviously Cymbaline in my head, I sort of though to the songs rhythm, off More. Thank you Pink Floyd! Through a couple degrees of seperation i jumped to Kubrik my friend Derek Tarkoffsky and finally Stalker. I was specifically thinking of the flooded hospital/clinic where the trio rested. Also that seen where the phone rings while they are in the zone sort of out of no where. Back to a floyd song and Scarecrow touch. Well that is a little insight into it.

Happy Hallows

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pillow of Winds

Hailing the west mountain with shallow and stretching light Over the fumes and corning ware chemical bath Through windows that lament the days drowning outside lightly slapped shaking by multitudes of flags Fields too far resign and yeild gold or rust at seasons march Down the valley clouds begin to keep and winds to shriek Forgotten orchards still would reap yet see how the plows are overgrow and rot Where stalks upon dreamt shores autum golems with tiny epiphany wrought

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Amoung the Living

I dont know if its the time of year, the change of colors, but it feels time for a change. I'm wasting my time on quit a bit of crap and it has to stop. I have spent my life as a traveller trying to stay way from bonds and responsiblity. Playing Bards Tale 3 and watching Night Court. This is what i guess for living a life never pushed, never driven.

But you dont get wise with the sleep still in your eyes I hear so I better get going. I am going to be working on a couple of larger format things for you and perhaps getting an FTP set up so i can distribute other media. Hopefully you will start seeing the first serialized story hitting by in a couple of days. Also I am going to be working on putting more of my late night drives into words and pictures.

Until later

Monday, October 18, 2004

New Lystra

Heading toward dark through old burnt orchards Cold and clarity came with the rains Now it's lifting some girl sings about big skies though through windows just black Heavy drops sometimes bleed down the window It's all memory driving home Wishing myself someone better Into days already said Near sleep she's feeling something is wrong I'm just quiet waiting for the scarecrow to speak

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Its been awhile, I feel like I have fallen off the wagon and am climbing back on. Happy to be getting back off the ground but ashamed of the fall. I've been wandering for a few weeks and not finding much in my schemes. Looking at work its falling apart, I don't care so much and I'm not on top of things. Contentment turns sour some days and you taste the bile in regret.

Some things just are not making me happy these days; I dont understand it. I used to love certain things now I am forgetting about them completely when I have people waiting for me. Some call that depression but its feels like a change. I want something from my time, something to say hey cool i did this. Not a high level Everquest character who is a grand master smith. Even if its just a shabby little poem to post here; after all im just a shabby little poet.

I want to watch the clouds race across the face of the moon on an early october night, at least that is a memory.

I hope to be able to say I will post more regularly, but no promises just work.


P.s. listening to the new Grails CD, Redlight, and its awesome go buy it!