Sunday, October 31, 2004


The side streets there to hide Cut away the contacts and communication She isn't around nor touched this place for years But i find it needing if together only dreamt Broken stone builds ravens closing in Double helix shadows stood now forgot Flooded ward dancing sunlight on wind driven waves Here the windows are broken where once she looked out Final cut phone rings The voice is whispering down the line Feeding into the daydream good to hear the scarecrow is doing fine

I sort of put myself into a mood and place and started going from there. I was thinking about an area of California Street in palo alto which is where the double helix shadow is. From there I had obviously Cymbaline in my head, I sort of though to the songs rhythm, off More. Thank you Pink Floyd! Through a couple degrees of seperation i jumped to Kubrik my friend Derek Tarkoffsky and finally Stalker. I was specifically thinking of the flooded hospital/clinic where the trio rested. Also that seen where the phone rings while they are in the zone sort of out of no where. Back to a floyd song and Scarecrow touch. Well that is a little insight into it.

Happy Hallows

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