Thursday, October 07, 2004


Its been awhile, I feel like I have fallen off the wagon and am climbing back on. Happy to be getting back off the ground but ashamed of the fall. I've been wandering for a few weeks and not finding much in my schemes. Looking at work its falling apart, I don't care so much and I'm not on top of things. Contentment turns sour some days and you taste the bile in regret.

Some things just are not making me happy these days; I dont understand it. I used to love certain things now I am forgetting about them completely when I have people waiting for me. Some call that depression but its feels like a change. I want something from my time, something to say hey cool i did this. Not a high level Everquest character who is a grand master smith. Even if its just a shabby little poem to post here; after all im just a shabby little poet.

I want to watch the clouds race across the face of the moon on an early october night, at least that is a memory.

I hope to be able to say I will post more regularly, but no promises just work.


P.s. listening to the new Grails CD, Redlight, and its awesome go buy it!

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