Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Project 2

Ok I am no artist, I am just going out on a limb. This is part of my Autumn project which I have invited a few people to join in on. The idea is to do something with the theme of Fall. We started fresh on Thursday September 24th and go until early November. Since it can be of any medium I am trying a medium that I am not a master of, this is also to get people to give it a try that may not have.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn Project 1

Endless summer nights are looking for an end
black winged flights rushing suddenly south
Night is settling softly down
brittle leaves cast off summers crown

Longing songs invoke the harvest breed
Last we spoke you were drowning in your need
first rains fell with your words
looking to the sky its all i heard

lights are burning now falling night
were inturing a summer of delight
all undone im driving on my own
toward the seaside all alone

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Death of the Eagle

In the face of all these joys I will transcend today. Beyond the meaningless you imply with meaning I will transcend. Birthed of wings and dreams I will chase over the sea. Upon the land in elegant feline machines steeped in avarice. I will transcend the conquered mountains that lay at my feet. As my blood washes seventeen clean I will transcend.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I dont get it but I am more than people can handle. I start to mention what is going on and everyone tells me to shut up or ignores me. I could hold a gun to my head and I swear everyone would ignore me.

I know i have burned my wife out on this crap. I am trying to find other people to talk to. She has her own stuff going on right now. And I have been like this for years, i dont know if its even fair to her. She has heard it and I have said it to her for so long I am sick of saying it.

I start talking about the failures I have had trying to find a job to my dad and he says Oh stop that crap. Ok fine i guess im used to that from him by now. I just wanted an honest adult conversation and I tried to reach out. I know failure isnt something people want to discuss but its all I have in my pockets right now. I can't talk about my mom about it.

I mention some of my negativity to other people and they just shrug it off. How do i get people to talk about feelings that hurt them. Im just falling down a bit and wonder how I can get back up. What am I doing wrong, what have I done wrong. Am I the person I think I am. Am I any good at stuff, have I tricked myself into thinking I am competent. What is fair for me to hope, look for and expect out of life.

I guess the poetry has left my words, its all too desperate for any eloquence. Im so sickened now