Thursday, April 09, 2015

Movie Review: Last Knights

I rented Last Knights starring Clive Owen a few days ago and wanted to throw up a few quick thoughts.  It was alright, with good action but a little slow in getting there.  The presentation was good, with nothing feeling hoaky as some indie action movies have a tendency.  The design of things was a little confusing, often seeming an amalgam of ancient, modern , eastern and western.

The story seemed something akin to 47 ronin.  A lord is disgraced and his retainers seek revenge by storming a fortress is the general outline of the story.  That would have been cool but there is a fair amount of time spent on the commander of the forces proving he is a broken man who has fallen into drinking and whoring.  That could have been a bit shorter, but it at least felt convincing.

The actually attack on Gezza Motts , read bad guy, fortress could have been longer or filmed with a bit more impact.  I didn't really have much concern when on of the good guys died and non when baddies did.  I am not sure but some of the sets seemed to be the same as A Game of Thrones and there was a water skin that looked the same as Sandor Cleganes.  That was a

All in all sort of a meh.  I have seen worse movies, Solomon Kane comes to mind.  This is not as good as Children of Men though. 
bit distracting.

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