Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pandora Don't Prog

Dear Pandora I am a little confused by your suggested listening.  I have been doing my best to create a station to my liking, but we have a disconnect.  I started with a song by Genesis called The Lamia which is pretty hard core prog.  From there I have added various Progressive groups. Yes and Marillion for sure but also the German side of prog with groups like Neu and Egg.  I have given any Prog Metal you have suggested a big thumbs up.  Symphony X, Dream Theater and even Queensryche all have nice thumbs held high.

Adding Voivod was a bit of a bad idea, sure I love them but it added a bit too much metal to the station.  I like my Thrash but this station I want to keep progressive, like an episode of Stone Trek.  I think liking Opeth may have also confused you.  I understand they were heavy and went weird so you didn't know I enjoyed just the art rock stuff.

But Champagne Supernova what the fuck is that Pandora.  Is that Muse or Oasis?  God what the hell do you think of me?   Perhaps this is because of the Peter Gabriel?  Understand he once sang for Genesis and has always maintained a bit of the progressive sound I enjoy.  Oasis my God it's personally insulting!

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