Monday, November 15, 2010

Krampus for Christmas post five

Idunn watched and listened, again from her window, down on the neighbors yard. In the morning the monster began hurrying about a table. she heard Krampus mumbled "it's going to be a warm day", but still the sky was grey. He hurried and worried with a feast fit for several kings and queens, a baron and few veterans to dine.

There was a bird or rather many, Idunn guested twenty but really only thirty. The beast was turning them into a feast, a roast of birds of time gone bye. Krampus would laugh at a turduken, that was only three, he made his ten fold bigger you see. He had an ostrich, an emu, emperor penguin on down the line a pigeon a blue jay with a humming bird finally stuffed it would taste just fine. The sides were corn and potatoes, stuffing, candied yams and cranberries. He had great grandma's chocolate and pumpkin pies. Idunn wondered where he got the recipe, grandma kept a secret card, but the monster's smelled the same cooling on the table in the yard.

Idunn's parents called her it was time to go. On the drive she wondered and and wondered who Krampus cooked for, she wondered and wished she could know. But she saw a long haired man with a guitar hop the fence when she got her coat. One lock of hair was white the rest blandly brown, he dressed like the conductor of a jazz trio. He had some trouble with the fence but Krampus helped him down. Her parents hurried her along but she hoped to be home in time to hear a song.

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