Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crescentstar Progressive Rock score card 6

Cuts like a knife, well everyone knows pretty much. its from Bryan Adams and is the title track of his most popular record. I really don't know why i used this for the title probably was just thinking about that song at the time.

One Pill Makes you Large One Pill makes you small is from Jefferson Airplane off the surrealistic pillow record. I was talking about my meds so figured pills was the theme.

Green is the Colour of her kind, is from Pink Floyd's soundtrack to More. It was a song I listened to back when I had more free time to drive. I remember listening to the record when driving Hicks road in San Jose, which is what I am talking about in the piece.

Party Hard is by Andrew W.K. off his I get wet. I had read some of his twitter stuff and just found it awesome. Simple Joy sort of like his song. Silly but direct to the point.

Most of the time is by Bob Dylan. Its off his Oh Mercy record but isn't the folks crap most people know of him. I think i was going for the imply opposition of my words that is inherent in his song.

All About Us is by American Analog Set. Off of the golden band record. I was just listening to this around the time i was writing so it became the title.

Trust is by Megadeth off Cryptic Writing. The piece is about my wife who loves Megadeth so I figured i would use one of their songs as the title.

Where does the time go is a miss remember of Sandy Denny's who knows where the time goes. Which is off Fairport Conventions unhalfbricking. I had listened to the song before writing so it was in my mind.

This is Halloween is off the nightmare before Christmas soundtrack. I was just looking for something about Halloween for the title so I used this.

Ready to Roll is by Flashlight Brown off My degeneration. I was just looking for a song about AD&D. There was actually a Camper Van Beethoven song I was trying to remember but couldn't. Let me know the title if you remember it.

Envy Life is by Testament who are a favorite of mine. Its off their Practice what you preach record. I was thinking about death so i thought of envy life.

One more red nightmare is by King Krimson off Red i believe. I like the Early KK but one of the people from my group is a fan of all their stuff so I thought about this song.

Keep on walking that road and I'll follow is a line from from Europe's Superstitious off Out of this world. I dont know how this song and the piece fit together, i think I may have wished i was out driving and listening to this song.

Memories sleep in dust is a line from Voivod's into my hypercube. This is off the fantastic nothingface record. I stole some of the imagery for the piece so i figured credit where it is due.

VintersKugge is a record from Isengard. I was mainly thinking of the frozen north and winter plus its viking metal so i figured why not.

The ripper is a song from Judas Priests, Sad wings of destiny. I think i was comparing the character i am playing to the ripper but i don't know its a good song anyway.

Hammer smashed face comes from Cannibal corpse. There is a lot of violent imagery associated with the band so i figured it fit.

Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson just seemed to fit for a self portrait. its from the Bad record.

Neal's Fandango is off Stampede by the doobie brothers. I was thinking of the rambling and traveling aspect so i used it.

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