Friday, January 21, 2011

Hammer smashed face

I awoke to find a large bruise discoloring the majority of my calf. On further inspection I was able to discern it to be a hematoma rather than run of the mill bruising. While concerning, I had become accustomed to unexplained mishaps of the year. Maybe I was a violent sleeper and maybe my wife had been roughing me up in my sleep, but this was an all too common experience. What i found alarming was my own reaction to this experience. In discovering the bruise I had looked for and detected an impact point that presented itself as the source of the damage. I found myself taking a sterile razor blade and removing a portion of necrotized skin around the wound. This allowed some flow of blood which in turn removed the discoloration of the surrounding flesh. Seeing the change in the marking I choose to proceed with a series of vertical razor cuts running the full area of the hematoma. While this allowed for a small lightening of the area I question my instinct. In retrospect I often find myself making questionable decisions with some regularity.

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