Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I am Superman

I went into a comic store at lunch this afternoon. I have never been sure about these places, I just don't feel that comfortable in them. Its like I am listening to a Rap metal band. It's close to what I like but that bit I don't sucks schlong.

First of comic book store employees are dicks. I have been in a few over the years and it has been almost universally true. The owner of Hijinx comics in San Jose is a nice guy who is genuinely helpful. So shop from him exclusively if you have the choice. The rest are douche bags who don't give you much time or effort.

Most game shop folks can talk old school product and have an idea where you can find certain types of stuff. To expand on that, they knew which shops dealt in used product or had decent back catalogs. They have an idea what products like Basic Role playing or Alquadim are. This does not seem to be the case in comic shops or I am asking for some seriously crazy crap. I understand the industry of comics is huge in comparison and the history is roughly twice that of the gaming hobby. But these people seem to only have a solid idea current titles.

To an outsider comic book store organization is fuX0r. It's organized by publisher, fucking publisher. That would be OK for DC and Marvel maybe i could make a guess between those two. But How the hell am I going to know about the existence of some third party press. I don't know shit about comics let alone who published it. Imagine a book store like that, its freaking insane.

The staff have invited their friends to hang out at the store while they work so they can ignore customers. And they will ignore you you can wander around and take a dump in the stands in some shops. The stench will mix with that of the shop hanger-ons and probably make little difference to the over all aroma. If you can get their attention ordering stuff will be a huge inconvenience to them and you. keep in mind you are going to have to come back if you do. To be fair this is mainly true for the game stores, stench especially.

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