Friday, February 25, 2011

Got me running

Sorry i am super busy this week at work. I have a scrum sprint starting up so I am trying to work on several tasks at once. Its sort of hard for me juggling the beginning of several jobs at once. I am OK once I have been in the trenches but before then I need a bunch of thinking time.

It's sort of part of me to need to conceptually need to grasp any task. Think of the avenues of attack and get a mental lay of the land. Some people are able to just march up a hill and then keep going without thought of direction. In a physical space this is natural for me but in the mental/conceptual space Its not.

On project has be looking up various pages of a certain type. I needed to understand the aspects of these pages and what mattered and what didn't before moving on. Now I am at least at conceptually there. I figured out what i need to do, and took some time bridge the gap of how to do that. Now its just documentation of ideas.

Plus its my anniversary so i am thinking a bunch on that. It's been 17 years and with the time before the wedding i guess I have been with Denise more time than not. Its odd thinking that and I am only 37. That's not young but its not that old either. We are going to La Foret in new almaden a few miles from the house. I am going to skip on the frois gras I hate geese but still force feeding them is a dick move.

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