Friday, February 11, 2011

Private Eyes are watching you

I ran a game last night since our DM was busy. The first thing that jumps out at me is boy was I under prepared. I need a way to railroad the players when they need railroading. I left them to their own devices to much. Need more carrots and sticks. I have to say this is a pretty standard problem form me. I play way too lose with the story. I need to do more of a module approach i think. Or have more stuff planned to get the action going.

I was doing a late 50's early 60's spy game, that had monsters and magic thrown in. One player was a goblin, and a villain npc an ogre. I am trying to not involve much fantasy into the plot line, but rather have that be a completely espionage based story. More that there just happen to be these other elements.

I am using the Savage worlds rules to run the game, but again i was a bit under prepared to run. Really that isn't fair to the players a GM should have the rules well in hand. Maybe I should have tried the rules set i am working on. Then i would have been more familiar with them.

Right from the star the players proved the old gaming adage "give your players 10 things to do and they will do the 11Th. Tried putting a P.I. and a hood together but the hood broke away and ran off. I really lacked giving the hood motivation to hang out with the party thinking he was going to be there for the exposition of the spy threat. Now he is sort of shadowing the rest of the players. I think I am going to have him get pulled in by the cops. Then i will try to reconnect him with the party by having the fed player get called in for some reason.

I hate having to come up with some shoe horn to get the party together, but I'm a pretty sucky gm.

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