Monday, May 16, 2011

An open letter to the Stanford Theatre


I can not count how many times I have started this letter over the years, only to discard it. Alas you have forced my had with the Stanford Theatres' latest schedule. You, or those who select the movies, are bland, unimaginative and lazy. Again I see titles that have been shown countless times. You will say some enjoy viewing these movies many times, but that's a cope out.

I feel that the Theater is a gift which you squander every year. I urge you to find new titles and expand your bill of fair. I also would like to see the time-line of movies expanded. You include a movie from 1964 with this schedule I think that is a fair range or films or at the very least the full life of the theater should be included, IE 1961.

Another issue is your lack of community input. At the writing of this letter I am planning on mailing this directly to the theater. Why is there no email address on the site. There should be a route for communication. I am aware of difficulty in trying to acquire films for every request, but this is just not operating in the public trust.

In the past I had ideas that I would have voiced; horror or sci-fi films for October for example. But now I just would like to see a schedule that has something new.


Again with this latest calendar you have proven yourselves to be near sited and lazy.  You craft a series of your back pocket favorites that is just plain sad.  Do you try anymore, I say the answer is no!  Gain and gain the same titles.  I have read your statements that many people like seeing the same film many times.  This has been rule for so long that you do not even consider the alternative.  There are so many files from the 50's that you could show and delight fans but you don't even try it.  You seem to have a vault that you work from but now are not trying to go beyond it.  LAZY!  You could do so much more and there are resources you could tie into but nope same old stuff.  It's as though you stick to a certain few films and disregard so much.  The movies you show don't need to be good.  Show some crap i would be interested.  Please try a wider selection of films.  How about you give us some early weekend shows with a lot of extras so families with kids could come and be entertained.  Try Disney non animated comedies perhaps they can't be expensive or in demand.  

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