Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

Its been way too long for me to work on something. We had a party with my Atari set up going and it got me looking at a few things on the video game front. I saw a listing about Nintendo games that had a nice format listing games as free, pay for, work hard to get, etc. That is really a good way to look at Atari collecting. Many games have little to no value and you are going to get at little to no cost. These are the games that you can find on a website or good store at just a few dollars a cart. The pay for games are going to be your five to ten dollar games. Your work to find games are those that are just hard to find. You may need to pay a pretty penny or hunt around quite a bit to find.

For my NES and SNES I am basically not a collector. I have them and like to get games I played but I have not expectation to have any sort of meaningful collection. I really just want Mario 1 and 2, Metroid, Simon's quest and Bionic Commando. I wouldn't mind having a full collection of Activision titles like i am collecting for Atari, but I don't really care.

Yeah I sort of liked Mario 2 for some reason, better than three i guess i am messed up in the head. I should probably keep that a secret like being a bigger fan of Van Hagar than Van Halen. Oh shit I said that too.

Really my favorite NES game is Bionic Commando,its great. Its just fun to move around in that game. Swinging here and there from lights and stuff, really a great game.

I play with a FC twin just to avoid the pain of replacing the NES cart connection. I have considered getting the FC three to have sega in there too but I am waiting for them to add Turbografx into the mix.

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