Friday, October 26, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 117

Krampus smiling as flames destroyed the neighbor’s house. Running off he grabbed a lady tearing open her blouse.  He left with a swat on her ass, her hen pecked husband just cowered as she gasped.  When Krampus ran off some tried to give chase, they were fast but couldn't keep pace.  The monster hoped fenced and yards.  Keeping up was very hard.

Some of the bravest tried to repel the attack, but the mighty Krampus lashed and they recoiled back.  Limbs broken the monster laughed without mercy, right there in the street were anyone could see.  Cover and subtly cast aside, Krampus loose all his fury deep from inside. Windows were broken this would be Krampus's great art.  Clean up would take forever no matter how soon they start.  Working weekends with brooms and rakes.  Krampus stormed off shouting "Enjoy your Christmas cakes!"

The town burning Krampus watched from afar, this was carnage beyond pare.  Santa would admonish and rein the beast in; but wouldn't know it was all to save a friend.  Krampus glazed into the flames with growing pride.  Idunn was safe even if he needed a new place to hide.  Krampus would miss the neighbor well at least his dog.  Also the warm little house, now he may have to sleep in a bog. He didn't lose much in the blaze, he had a storage locker they gave him a free thirty days.  Luckily a monster doesn't look odd compared to their regular customers.  Half of them already have horns and dress in assorted furs.

Our monster found a caved in and abandoned old mine.  Full of rats and spiders for Krampus it was just fine.  Nobody explored the caves afraid of the poison, deadly to people but to Krampus the effects were none.

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