Monday, October 08, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 102

On some nights Krampus just watched TV by the fire at home.  Though usually a fire he set and the house not his own.  Our monster wasn't above arson to watch a favorite show and they only play A Christmas Story a few times you know.  Krampus was happy for Whoville when good turned the Grinch.  He thought Charlies' sad little tree would do in a pinch.  The monster chimed along so angels got their wings.  He even watched a Cailliou Christmas though he hated the thing.

With a fire still blazing the cops came sirens singing loud.  Krampus lingered a little longer than he should watching Rudolph fly so proud.  A copper caught him in the head with a billy club; knocking out the monster like a little cub.  It took three officers to load Krampus into their truck.  Krampus came too smelling horses and muck.  Locked in the beast sadly howled; joined by a chorus of dogs returning he yowl.

The cops led Krampus through the station thinking him a bum.  He would remember this for coal in the stocking each and every one.  Once Santa chained the Krampus but police shackles wouldn't work.  The monster tore them apart with the smallest little jerk.  All the papers filed they led him to a cell, it was wet and cold and he didn't like the smell.  But in Krampus went and didn't even yell.

Some hours later Krampus ripped off the door. Being quiet and listening for the Sargent’s snore. Krampus crept out on a soft padded foot; but sometimes with a cloppy clop coming from his hoof.  His jail break was a success no thanks to old fat Saint Nick.  He may have been his partner but sometimes he was a prick.   Krampus walked home sneaking all the way, Get back to his little house a few hours before light of day.

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