Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 110

A couple of days later Idunn and the monster left their houses late in the evening.  Krampus had a special treat that needed seeing.  Krampus and Idunn wandered the in wonder all through the park; even though all was turned down and dark.  The Little scenes of Christmastide, all laid still long past closing time.  The beast looked on smiling at how with no people no peddlers it got Christmas right.  In rain lights shined on the roadway all looking lonely in depth of night.  With the power on elves hammered out toys in a sweatshop for the good girls and boys.  Reindeer trotted in a stable each in a stall.  These were ancient animatronic Christmas scenes once owned by the mall. Some new others old and dingy, they should be cleaned but the city was stingy.

Idunn happily squealed the about the virtues of every scene, the girl so happy Krampus smiled not the least bit mean. She shouldn't have been out this late.  Certainly not with a monster, but she thought it was great. He parents had taken her, at day to see the park, but now it had a new magic, with a monster, in the dark. A forest of lighted trees decks by local rotary clubs; shined merrily lighting the way to local pubs.  Of all Idunn liked the little Noah's Ark, she said it was the best of the whole Christmas In the Park.  The monster smiled remembering the traditions start.  A gift from the cities mortician, the irony was not lost in Krampus's heart. 

These late hours the sausage stand watered Krampus's maw.  He found a few left over links in a can with trash and straws. Idunn said no when Krampus offered a bite, the beast wanted her to eat but she put up a fight. the chilly air gusts were odd for a city of the bay, and drop of rain sent the pair on their way.

They left wind rushing through Krampus's hair, upon an old motorbike sidecar equipped for flair.  Idunn huddled wrapped up with a giant helmet on top.  She shouted with joy at Krampus with every stop. On through the houses alight with Christmas light bulbs shining against the night.  He turned down unknown streets to see houses made up with zeal.  Most streets had but a few but one street he stopped skidding with a squeal.  All the houses even the trees shined out blanketing the scene in weight.  Like new fell snow drooping down every bough! When Idunn saw she gasped a great big wow! This was a street to remember and check in on again.  Then they rode off Krampus with his new found friend.

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