Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Game Review: Creature Castle

Creature Castle was a game I had as a kid.  It was a purchase from Pic n' Save over in Milpitas, Ca.  Pic n' Save was weird as it had loads of junk and the occasional gem hidden in its midst.  To me Creature Castle seemed like a fun junk, but in researching it it was more of a gem than i realized.  Whitman games were a rarity at the time and are sort of collectible now.  At the time of purchase there were a few of these games but I only got Creature Castle.  I liked the Halloween theme.

The game itself is actually a remake of an earlier Dark Shadows game, but plays a bit like candy-land.  Pretty simple matching of cards and moving around the board in what is essentially a race.  Being an only child I didn't get a chance to play this very often but what little I did it quickly became apparent that some of the short cuts on the board were traps rather than helpful and only a few really helped you win.

The board itself looks cool as does all of the art work.  The thing is its a big paper poster.  This makes it flimsy.  The card stock used in the playing cards is also cheap leading to easy damage.  The tokens were simple but never had any real problems. 

All in all it was an OK game.  I sort of wish I had it now to play with my daughter as it was more interesting than other games with the nice haunted house artwork.  I think it would be fun this time of year especially

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