Monday, October 29, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: part 118

Leaning from the sidecar Santa bashed mailboxes swinging a bat.  Krampus laughed and revved the motor making the fat man lose his hat.  The pair sailed down streets laughing and harassing kids and parents too.  You'd be horrified to see what they did at the zoo.  Parents were shocked when Santa flashed them the bird.  Who knew even Santa had heard it's the word.

Krampus bared his hairy rump; Saint Nick offered a Christmasy fist bump.  Elves looked on without a care, the last traces of Christmas jingling from the air.  It was the day afterword and the deed was done.  Now it was time for Santa and Krampus to have a little fun.The eleven more days and Boxing Day would have to wait.  The monster and Kringle didn't much care if they were late.

Krampus was a little evasive on the topic of his home and Santa didn't let on if he had known.  The monster began to relax and feeling Idunn had got off free.  It wasn't the same for him but it was a trade the monster made with glee.  He wouldn't hurt a hair on the girls head.  Krampus would happily live in exile instead.  All his work paid off the crimes washed clean.  If the elves though the monster merciful he would be a has been.

If The monster checked in on her he was always discreet.  Idunn never talked about monsters that lived on her street.  She seemed to know it was best to say none, even if she missed the monster and his Christmas fun.  But I like to think when she grew up she would warn her kids to keep a wary eye.  Always looking for a monster on a motorcycle that doesn't fly.

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