Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Piece of Mind the Pumpkin

Iron Maiden Pumpkin
Well Happy Halloween everybody.  Here are a couple of pictures of my pumpkin for this year.  Based off my favorite Iron Maiden Record piece of mind.

Two and a half hours of work put in on this one.  It probably doesn't seem like it should have taken that long, but pumpkin is a new medium.  I Carved out using Exacto knife and a cheap set of sculpture tools I picked up at Michael.

It is really hard to do that thing where you get the light to shine through a pumpkin without fully cutting it.  I scraped and scraped with the loop tool and still only got a bit of a faint pink that would come through.  I hope the folks over at ATAC like it and my wife wins the contest with it.  I am proud of it at least.  It wasn't a template all free hand.

Well thanks for looking hope you like my tribute to Maiden.

Piece of Mind Pumpkin

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