Thursday, November 01, 2012

South Bay HD Radio Woahs

Well it seems like the Kfog 10 at 10 HD2 station is now dead.  I have heard nothing for several days from the station and sent and email with no response.  That is sort of sad as I liked the station, even if it had a too shallow rotation of programs.  They played full programs of the 10 at 10 radio program.  These are about a half hour to forty five minutes in duration.  They included various sound bites and whatnot.  The 70's and 80's ten at ten programs were my favorite but they were all good.

On a positive note the KOIT HD 2 station has switched over into its holiday mode.  That is pretty fun if you need getting into the mood.  They should be playing more of the fun right now and get more serious as the season wears on.  They will switch back sometime around the 16th when their standard station takes on the Christmas tunes.  Krampus would be happy with the music.  My one quibble here is they have a huge Christmas library and you often here some odd ball versions of songs.  At least for now I would prefer the definitive versions of each song.  Peggy Lee is always going to be my preference over Amy Grant. for Rocking around the Christmas Tree.

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CrescentStar said...

Apparently KFOG HD2 10 at 10 is back. I don't know if this was a bad signal thing or what but they seem to be broadcasting again.