Monday, November 19, 2012

Toy Review: Star War Hoth Imperial Attack Base
This was one of those toys in the star wars line that really had nothing to do with the movies.  It is supposed to be an imperial base, well there were no bases in the movie.  They just landed and kicked ass.  This is supposed to be the other side of the story.  The rebels coming in an kicking the snow troopers butts.  I guess some sort of wish fulfillment for kids since the movie was sort of dark.

The toy came with nothing so you had to provide all the figures. They came out with a bunch of these things for The Empire Strikes Back.  I think the ice was easy to sculpt and they were cashing out on stupid kids like me.  The thing was sort of cool i guess.  It had lots of actions that could occur lame as they were.  You could level the ice bridge and destroy the building .  There were a couple of places that allowed you to press a button and sent your figure falling over.  They barely stood up most of the time so a bit of plastic popping up on a rocker would send them flying. It was big though loads of plastic.  My friends and I played with it a few times, i used it a fair amount as an only child.  I guess that is the market for playsets as only kids have to do all the playing for themselves.

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